Hotel deals in Chicago: recommendations, where to stay and what to do during the trip

Since this is the third largest city in the US, Chicago is filled with tones of economy hotels. Regardless of whether you are visiting the city of wind business and entertainment, you have a variety of rooms and suites to choose from. Thanks to an impressive public transport system, you may not even need to rent a car. Just search for hotel deals in Chicago online and compare prices.

Many experts recommend to stay in a "loop," or in the center of the city, since it is close to most of the shares in the city. Some of the available hotels in the city center include Hotel Central Loop, River Hotel, Wyndham Grand Chicago Riverfront and the Hotel Felix.

You'll want to visit the "Magnificent Mile", which is a & # 39 is the best place for shopping Ilya. There is not enough brand names of shops, chic boutiques, discount stores, and more. If you are interested in the scene of the Chicago blues, think to stay south of the Loop. During June, the Chicago Blues Festival fills the Grand Park.

You can look at the Chicago hotels in historic buildings, such as hotel Whitehall, Staypineapple at The Alise, The Drake and Warwick Allerton. These hotel there are at least 100 years and offers a perfect blend of the historic Chicago with modern amenities. House Palmer (Hilton) also has a romantic style and has two popular restaurants, health club and spa. It is also very close to other restaurants and shops.

Stay close to the Grand park can be worthy of the time, if you want to visit places such as the Museum Campus, the Art Institute, Baku fountain, Soldier Field, and the planet Shvadski avanvary Adler. Several budget hotels that should be considered include Chicago, Essex Inn, Virgin Hotel, Hotel Jaslin and Holiday Inn Chicago. Within the radius of 2 miles around the Grand Park has literally 100+ accommodation options, so you should have no problem finding the hotel offers in Chicago in this part of town.

Recommendations for hotels in Chicago

None of the leadership to deploy in Chicago would not be complete without mentioning the Wrigley Field. If you want to see how the Cubs play a few suggestions include Hotel Versey – Days Inn, Villa D & Citta, Hotel Lincoln or The Majestic Hotel. Although there are others, those that offer budget accommodation.

Baseball season – this is the cheapest time to visit the windy city. If you are flexible in your dates and will not want to see the Cup play, you can wait to visit the winter, when the city is not a & # 39; Congress. Month January – March is usually the best time to search for hotels in Chicago. Every time you decide to book a trip, think about how to choose a vacation package, which also includes the ticket.

Interested discount codes on the Internet? Do not make your chance to save a ton of money on the trip. Hotel deal in Chicago you can find online, reviewing website or by using the search engine. You can narrow your results, and just search a house in certain neighborhoods or to view options for the price.

On the day of the Chicago hit "tidal wave"

"The giant tidal wave impressive local city lake." Pervomayskiy joke? Probably. "Giant tidal wave hits in Chicago." Joke, right? No. This was the headline after the lunch edition of the Daily News from the Chicago June 26, 1954.

I left home in his Chevy whipped around 9:00 am on a warm Saturday morning in June 1954 and arrived at the city to Lake Michigan from the beach and harbor of Montrose, to meet my father and some friends in the adaptation of Wilson Rocks. Shop where he tusil with his fellow fishermen. We were going to go fishing on zander fish …… this is a chewing white meat, which tastes of heaven, when deep fried and served with lemon, sauce and fried tartarnym accordion. Preparing for their final year in high school, I worked a lot of construction work and needed the sun and relax. Sudak in the morning was a perch, but I quickly found something quite different …… something I will never forget.

When I went to the parking lot, I noticed that it is full of water, despite the fact that a clear, sunny day. The lake was unusually steep. I also noticed people running toward the wharf. There was a feeling of something very serious & # 39; oznaga and very bad, and I immediately and instinctively went to the store for bait, to connect with his father. He saw me coming, and said: "Let's go to the pier, they need help there," and we went at full speed, together with many others. Seiche (pronounced CAE), without exception, preventing June morning hit Montrose Harbor. It was the height of 8 feet and a width of 25 miles and struck the whole shore of Lake …… Chicago from Michigan, Indiana, to the north shore. Eight people were killed, most of them were fishing at the harbor is Montrose, where about 15 or 20 fishermen were placed with a narrow, 175-futovay concrete pier. And we know a lot of them.

When we arrived, customs officials and fishermen ran for cover. Men, women and children walked and fell. Sailboat widely snarling in water. Wave at some point slipped 150 feet to the shore before the cease explaining why I saw so much water, I pulled into the parking lot. Were salvation, panic, despair and narrow escapes. Unfortunately, we were too late to have any real help, and then left helpless when rescue teams have begun the grim job of pulling every body out of the lake. Apparently, the fishermen, who lay on his stomach, casually guiding line in the water, were simply torn down to the pier where the water plucked and washed over them. Fishermen on North Avenue, a few miles pier to the south, have also been introduced into the lake, and there was carried out the same grim work. Among thrown into the water was Stemppinski Ted, who was fishing with his son Ralph, 16. Ralph left the moment just before the wave struck. When he returned, the parents are gone. The same thing happened with Jan Jaworski, who also was fishing with his son. These tragic facts can hardly go unnoticed and stayed with me long after.

The news of the approaching waves spread quickly in the park police, who cleared the fishermen from the marina at 61st St. In Jackson Park for a few minutes until the water has plunged this site. Loola on the beach just to the north the waves broke through the 9-foot sea wall. All the docks at the yacht Belmont Harbor basin were flooded when the tide raised the water level of about 6 feet.

By June 26 no one had ever heard the word "Sach". After June 26, most of us are specialists with a & # 39; yavah.
In particular, "Seisha should take place in an enclosed body of water such as a lake, bay or bay Seyshe, a French word meaning." Sway back and forth, "- a standing wave, which eventually sinks into a lake about seismic or atmospheric disturbances. which create huge fluctuations in water level in a few minutes: standing waves flipped back and forth between the shores of the lake basin, often called tidal changes in the Great lakes cessation of the wind, not the seismic activity or huge tidal forces "(Heidorn 2004; Wittman 2005)..

This particular Seyshe, which was the most dangerous of the three species was caused by a severe squall line with strong winds and rapid changes in atmospheric pressure, which went down to the lake surface and cross section of southern Lake Michigan a few hours earlier, passing from north-west to south-east. It seems you throw a stone in the middle of a bucket of water and watched the ripples moving from the center. Atmospheric pressure is caused by the squall was stumbling, and a ripple was Seyshe. Like water, flapping up and down in the bath, a fast-moving squall lines with intense atmospheric pressure causes the lake flapping back and forth, as the water level rises on the waterfront and harbor 10 feet in a matter of minutes and with no warning.

Unlike a tsunami, which can be moved through the open ocean with extremely high speeds, seiche is moving much slower. Seyshe to drive 40 miles from Michigan City to Chicago on North Lake Avenue, it took 80 minutes. It is about 30 miles / h. Seisha struck the entire coast of Illinois wave height of about 2 feet, but reached a maximum height of 10 feet, when close to the pier North Avenue.

As evident witness immediate consequences, I was puzzled by how the Chicago newspaper too dramatyzavali tragedy. The Chicago Daily News, which does not exist today, releases titles that are read by two inch black letters: "Tidal Golni whitewashed here many slipped into the lake; Fear Mother killed 11 victims among the 3 divers, boats and hunting Three!… people drowned. and a few feared losing Saturday, when a tidal wave in the 25-mile broke here the shore of Lake Michigan. wave freaks in height from 3 to 10 feet, struck at about 9 am the park Jackson north of Wilmette. Evaluation of the number of deaths was 10. …… "There was no" big tidal wave "; It took a freak and deadly Seisha. Since then, there have been many reports of intimidation and lower fray, but none of them has caused such damage and death.

Interestingly, however, one of the greatest catastrophes in the city of Buffalo, New York, recorded history occurred at 11 am October 18, 1844, when a wall of water quickly flooded shopping and residential areas along the waterfront. The crash occurred without warning, breaking the 14-foot sea walls and flooded the embankment. Newspaper accounts indicate that 78 people drowned. This tragedy was also caused Seyshe when prolonged high winds developed Seich, pushing water into one side of Lake Erie. If the wind stopped or shifted in the opposite direction, the water is moved back in the direction whence it came, and Seyhedyd else. It is estimated that Buffalo has two or three Seich per year, but the threat was largely eliminated construction Volan in Lake Erie, a project that began in the 1860s.

In contrast to the devastating tsunami caused by underwater earthquakes, on the Great Lakes Seishi never applied any harm, and most go unnoticed because they are relatively thin and inconspicuous, with the result that the water level rises on the beaches on foot or less.

But this was a very sensitive and took place in a calm and warm Saturday morning in Chicago. What began in a peaceful fishing day, it was an experience that was imperceptible in my mind and, I believe, worthy to share. One thing is certain, we have never experienced here Seyshe ………. at least I did not think so.

"It was not like a wall … the water just started to rise and kept going until it was maybe 6 feet higher than normal." Dick Keating, Brigadier Belmont Harbor and witness.

Hot Offers in Chicago Guide – What are some of the best available hotels?

Since this is the third most populous city in the US, Chicago is filled with a variety of hotels, hostels and hotels. In Vitravym city is a lot to explore, including the Magnificent Mile, Lincoln Park, Urig field, SkyDeck on 103rd floor of the Willis (formerly Sears), and more. All you need to do is to compare the cheapest deals on hotels in Chicago, and choose the one that will offer you the necessary amenities.

The public transport system is excellent, so you do not really need to rent a car if you do not want. You may want to book a hotel and flight together to get a discount. In Chicago Vacation packages are also worth a look. In addition to O & sadly known airport 39; Hare, some tourists flying into Midway International (MDW). There are hotels located close by, as well as important places all over the city.

If you want to go to Six Flags, there are several hotels available to choose from, such as La Quinta Inn & Suites, Fairbridge Inn Express, Red Roof Inn Gurnee and many others. If the purchase – this is your thing, then you might want to stay close to the Magnificent Nes. More affordable options include Warwick Allerton, Hotel Felix Hotel and Whitehall.

In the city there are plenty of inexpensive "family" hotels, such as the Kongress Plaza Hotel, Hyatt Place, Hyatt Regency, Spring Hill Suites Chicago O & # 39; Hare and Carlton Inn Midway. Going to the Cubs game during baseball season? A few miles there are several hotels: City Suites Hotel, Wrigley hotel Hotel Majestic, Villa Toscana, and more.

You can get a cheap hotel in Chicago

No matter what type of accommodation you are looking for, you are sure to find cheap hotels in Chicago. There are many options available for reservation with a rating of 2.5 and above. You can expect amenities such as free breakfast, free room Wi-Fi and room service.

If you want to book a package holiday, make sure it includes a stay in a hotel on the number of nights that you require. Often the packages are installed on a certain number of nights.

The best times to visit Chicago during the season shoulder from September to October and from April to May. In these months, you can avoid the huge crowds and still enjoy decent weather & # 39; I. The absolute cheapest deals to be found from November to March, but the icy weather & # 39; e may not be worth it.

Look for discount travel and coupons to help you save even more on cheap hotels in Chicago.

Where can I get special offers? Tourist sites offer very impressive discounts on all things related to travel, including airfare and cheap hotels in Chicago. To further reduce costs, use the promotional code on the Internet.