Tickets for events in Chicago – fast and convenient

Chicago can become a "second city" in size but certainly not in terms of cultural and sports events – which is why, if you live in Wind City or nearby or are planning to visit it in the near future, do you Do you want to get tickets to Chicago the portal to the Internet-broker. It is the safest, easiest and actually most economical way to get tickets for events in Chicago on games, theater, concerts or anything else.


Let's show the show Wicked is coming to Chi Tau, and tickets to the Chicago theater you need immediately. Usually you have to take the time to go to the theater and buy tickets for the theater in Chicago personally. You can call and book them on the phone, but then you have to stand in line on the night of the performance.

The best way to buy a ticket for the theater in Chicago – just enter into a home Internet connection, go to the website of your broker and order there. The site is not only the information about available seating, but also a map of the place where you can see exactly where you will sit. The same applies to tickets for the concert in Chicago, a Chicago sports tickets.

Not only that, but you can find information about planning.

After you order tickets to the theater in Chicago, they will be timely delivered to your door for the play.


Some may wonder why someone buys a Chicago sports tickets broker who puts an additional premium to the price. Think of it this way: you hire a broker to go on with the software issues tickets for the concert in Chicago or other event for you – so you do not have to waste your precious time (not to mention the payment for gas and parking), doing it yourself or the need to maintain the line "call" on the night of the event.

The fact that you actually save money and time when you hire a broker to get the tickets for you. In addition, the broker can sometimes provide special offers on Chicago sports tickets or concert tickets in Chicago, which some buyers will never know.

Take advantage

There are really some of the best ways to get your hands on tickets for the Chicago event, you can use the online broker. Purchase guaranteed (you can get a refund for the events that are canceled, if they will not be transferred) and your information is protected by 128-bit encryption, as well as the Better Business Bureau Online. The next time you plan an evening in the city Vyndra, first check your broker on the Internet availability in the event in Chicago.

Dining in Chicago schools

Chicago schools participating in the National School Lunch Program to ensure that all of its students to proper nutrition needed for healthy growth and realize their educational potential. Rising costs to live in the Chicago area made all the more difficult for some parents to afford proper nutrition for their children, as a healthy diet has become so expensive. Even the cost of a gallon of milk is almost twice the price two years ago. Children in the Chicago school will have a lot of available options for a nutritious lunch, breakfast or after school snack.

National school lunch program in Chicago schools

– The National School Lunch Program (NSLP): NSLP in Chicago is completely voluntary, but many involved in it, because it provides a cash payment to schools that participate. In fact, schools in Chicago are involved to give the child a low or free meals. Providing power, the government gives to those who are involved in Chykagalskih schools, in cash, to continue the program.

– Snacks: Not all schools in Chicago providing snacks after school, but generally, if the school has a School program has finished. After-school programs designed to ensure that children in Chicago schools to teach and to be constructive in comparison with the temptations and security challenges facing them as children with key snaps. They provide healthy snacks to children to bridge the gap between lunch and dinner.

– Milk Program: The school also has on milk program, which provides free milk to those who can not afford it. School cash award is also provided to schools that do this. The only condition is that the school milk program and can not have another NSLP program. They have to choose what is a great need for students.

Overall nice to know that schools in Chicago are contributing to the overall health of the students. In the end, a healthy child – a happy child, and the food certainly contributes to the education of children. It was noted that the NSLP must improve the quality and control, ensuring its food more healthy. NSLP serves mainly processed foods, which are increasingly under fire, containing ingredients that lead to unhealthy lifestyles. They are used simply because of the economy. Some argue that the NSLP in the Chicago schools is contrary to their own goals is not to provide a truly healthy and nutritious lunch. Those who are critical of the current program, believe that the Chicago schools have to find more funding to provide lunch, which does not require nutrient, but in fact with the & # 39 is nutritious. Of course, the task – to find more money.

As a parent, you have seen the school lunch menu for your child. How nutritious is really? If you have problems, you can always call the child's school to ask for information available about nutrition, or simply to express concern over the power system. The more parents have expressed opinion, the responsive school districts require changes.

Broadcast program Chicago White Sox in Greenwich, favorite

In the 1950s and 60s, I remember how regularly with my grandfather listened to the game to the Chicago White Sox. In the living room he had radyokabinet old and owned a small transistor radio that he would use while sitting in the front yard. Listening game White Sox isn particularly unique, except for the fact that at the time I lived in Greenwich, South Carolina. Games were held at a small radio station hometown WMRB-1490AM, located in the city center Grynvil. When I got older, I sometimes wondered why the game in Chicago will be broadcast in the Deep South?

My interest arose in 2006, when an investor bought and moved into the house without shoes Joe Jackson located on the street East Wilburn 119. Unknown to me Jackson house located just two blocks from where I was in elementary school Krestonskay in 1958-60 years . Moreover, we are grandparents lived on less than one mile from the East Uilburn Street. In the end, Jackson's house turned into a museum without Joe Jackson's shoes, which is now at the center of the city Grynvil. It was located next to the stadium, which is a subsidiary of "Boston Red Sox" Single-A, Greenville Drive. Again I asked myself why in my hometown broadcast the game White Sox. I was combined with translations heritage without Joe Jackson's shoes? It was broadcast results of fan base that has developed around Shoeless Joe? The idea was both exciting and intriguing.

I start search, referring to the new owner of the radio WMRB 1490AM. WMRB was acquired by Randy Matin in 1987 and renamed WPCI. Randy was friendly and responsive to my inquiries, but could not justify the White Sox gear. I wrote a letter to the widow of the founder of WMRB Frank Kopp, but received no response. I found a research paper on the history of WPCI Radio, written by students yamschitsky University. The document has been helpful in getting the general history of the history of Belarus

station, but there was no mention of broadcasting in Chicago. I also contacted the eagle Mark, the curator of the new museum without Joe Jackson's shoes. She allowed me to place the poster in the museum, who requested information, but still does not keep anything.

In early 2010, I found a hint on Facebook. I did a random publication on the Facebook page in Grynville, SC, and received a comment from a native of Greenwich. He believed that in a baseball league Textile Mill during some days of the mill took a Major League team. My contact suggested that Brandon Mills, where he started to work Shoeless Joe, Chicago can take iron. Were Chicago White White Sox broadcast the results of Joe Jackson belonging to Shoeless Joe and his playing time with Brandon Mills textile league baseball? I was sure that I was struck by the dirt.

A quick Google search led me to the book "Thomas K. Perry" "textile Baseball League: South Carolina: Mill Teams, 1880-1955". I wrote to Mr. Perry's letter on the theory, and he responded by email. Perry wrote: "After we moved away from Greenwich, Dad took me fishing on Lake Hartwell Center, owned by my aunt and uncle, was wonderfully rural and had no TV during these spring evenings we would have listened to White Sox games.. and I was intrigued by the performances of Tommy John and his team-mates. I remember asking my dad why on Grynvil stations carry the game in Chicago, and he said that Joe played like years ago. I know, but my father grew up in rural areas mill in Anderson, beloved, so he knew the history of the textile sports in (he played basketball). I believe that its interpretation is true, although I do not have official documentation. "

Alas! Finally, I had confirmation that someone else heard the transmission; but what is the purpose and origin of? I thought that Mr Perry has just written a historical account of the textile mills. Of course, during all these studies, if Melnikov team took a major league team, he would have found evidence of this. I went back to Randy Matin with WPCI and shared with him the comments Perry. It's the return of Randy, and he gave me a phone number for Jim Cope, son of the former owner Frank.

Cope and retired disc jockey WMRB, Bill Krieger. Hunt continued.

The first time I called Bill Krieger, who was in the mid-80s. We had a wonderful conversation, discussing the history of the city and WMRB Grynvil. He said Frank Cope purchased the radio station 1490 AM, with the financial support of Simpson's partner stores Belk-Simpson with Grynvilya. Cop named WMRB station, taking calls with the phrase "Rabim radio better."

As for sports broadcasts on the station, Krieger said WMRB was master of football South Carolina Gamecocks. Frank Cope also acquired the rights to broadcast the "Masters Tournament" originally from Augusta, Ga. He confirmed that he has become a leading WMRB broadcasts baseball broadcast in Chicago. Krieger said Frank Cope and a local business employee with "Household Finance" signed an agreement with Chicago-based organization White Sox. Corporate Headquarters "Household Finance" located in Chicago, and they were the main sponsors of the radio network White Sox. When I asked Krieger if he that broadcast White Sox thinks are relevant to Joe Jackson's fame without shoes, he said he did not remember that the popularity of Shoeless Joe had nothing to do with translations. He thought it was a purely business decision. He also said that the Chicago White Sox in the broadcast ended in late 60s and were eventually replaced Bravzs Atlanta in the early 1970s.

Then I called Jim Cope, son of Frank Cope. Jim Cope told me that he was about 10 years old when his dad bought a radio station. He thought of the broadcast the Chicago White Sox and Atlanta Bravz. Not telling him the details of my previous interviews & # 39; nd with Bill Krieger, I asked Jim to give me the reasons why his father will broadcast the game the Chicago White Sox in Grynvile. Jim said he did not have detailed knowledge of and conversations related to the causes of the beginning of the broadcast. Cope said that his dad will be based on a decision solely on the business and how it will benefit the station. I asked Jim, is it possible that Grynvil, who & # 39 home shoeless Joe Jackson, and became popular shoeless Joe, could be the reason for this decision? He said he did not remember any discussion, no atmosphere of Joe's popularity at the time. Jim Cope I believed that Joe without shoes has nothing to do with the decision of his father to lead the Sox WMRB.

Fully armed with this new information, I began to search the Internet to find the relationship between household finances and the Chicago White Sox. I quickly found a blog Lee Abrams regarding baseball games and other chatter. Abrams said: "I remember the transistor under the covers Bob Elsan and Don Wells called a night game at the Chicago White Sox … every advertising was for." Bob Adams friendly "with" home finances "They took you there … indescribable magic. combining power, joy and a sense of security and warmth, who said that everything is in order with the life … The more that we have in Hoype Wilhelm warming up in the bullpen. "on the home finance cooperation collaborated with Bill Krieger and 85th guy memory and puzzle has been completed. Shoeless Joe Jackson and broadcast in the Chicago White Sox in Grynvile were not only a strange coincidence.

Feeling comfortable that I conducted an investigation to finish, I tried to fix the results of his research. I created a PowerPoint graphics, which reflects the history of the radio frequency WMRB 1490, is now WPCI. Combining schedule an interview with & # 39; u and other source files, I sent them to the museum barefoot Joe Jackson and Grynvilskae Historical Society. Both agreed katalagizavats my research for the sake of posterity. I also created a poster that now hangs on the wall without shoes Joe

Jackson Museum, and if you're familiar with Wikipedia, you will find in the pages of recording radio WPCI without Joe Jackson's shoes. Finally I straightened and gave a copy of the schedule owner Randy WPCI Matin, where he proudly hung it on the wall of his studio in the station.

In my quest for it was not very romantic, but apparently, they were facts. Oddly enough, although some local listeners false assumptions about a broadcast in the Chicago White Sox have been the result of Shoeless Joe, these assumptions may inadvertently padsilili popularity of Joe without shoes. I like Thomas Perry summed up all the way in an email: "People from Brandon Mill probably just made the connection, Joe Jackson / White Sox as the cause of broadcasts and in an incomparable way radio business would have no reasons to stop it.". assumption, because it meant more loyal listeners. Rest assured, I do not refuse to talk about summer memories on the porch with my dad! "

And I am too.

New in hockey? Complete Beginner's Guide to the Chicago Blackhawks

Recently in America, hockey is gaining popularity. Ten years ago, many people in America did not know too much about hockey and just felt it was a sport in which Canadians play. Specifically in Chicago, hockey has increased significantly in recent years, as the "Chicago Blekhaks" won the Stanley Cup in the 2009-20010 season. During the playoffs sports bars were full of people who watched the game! Many of these people before this season had never seen hockey games. Sometimes it takes only a championship, to generate interest in the new sport.

If you are new to hockey, this article is aimed at you. He will provide everything you need to know about Chicago Blackhawks, so you can discuss them with other fans, without looking like a beginner and not feeling incomprehensible and like an outsider.

In 1926, the Blackhawks joined the NHL (National Hockey League) when he moved to the United States. The team was named in honor of the military units of the original owner Frederic McLaughlin, who was named after Chief Black Hawk, the leader of the American Indian Sauk tribe who lived in the modern Illinois. It is important to note that if a team was created for the first time, the name "Black Hawks" (two words) and not officially changed to the "Blackhawks" (one word) until 1986. You should also know that the Blackhawks are often referred to simply as "hawks".

Less than 10 years after entering the NHL, "Black Hawks" (two words at a time) experienced sur & # 39; major ups and downs. In the 1927-1928 season, they had the worst record in the league. In 1931, they reached the Stanley Cup final, and in 1934 won the Stanley Cup.

This success was repeated again in 1938 with another Stanley Cup victory. Indeed, the Black Hawks proved to be a formidable team. However, until 1961, they did not win the Cup again.

Towards the end of 1950's "Black Hawk Down," which received a 4-star players will begin to fall into the Hockey Hall of Fame: Bobby Hull and Stan Mikita (both forwards), P & # 39; er Pilot (protection) and Glenn Hall (goalkeeper ).

During the season in 1972-1973 Bobby Hull left the Hawks to play in the new team; Winnipeg. The reason for this was purely financial; Hull felt that he was underpaid, and the aircraft offered him a million-dollar contract (about $ 5.3 million in 2012).

In the 1990s, the Blackhawks (one word) had one of the most famous compositions, including Jeremy Renik (center), Ed Balfour (goalkeeper) and Chris Chelios (protection). Despite this structure, they have never been able to win a victory in the Stanley Cup. By the end of the 90s, all three players were stripped, and in 1998 the Blackhawks not passed the playoffs, ending the 29-year-old series.

In 2007, Rocky Uirtts, son of the previous owner Bill Virtza, took over the post of team owner, changed some policies and bought new players, including Jonathan TOWS (pronounced "tie") and Patrick Kane, who would have gone to the aid in 2010 The Hawks won the Cup again Staneli.

Now you have a history Blackhawks, and you will not make mistakes, such as wrong pronouncing the name of Jonathan TOVS, and if you hear someone mention legendary goalkeeper Ed Balfour, you know exactly whom they say!

Chicago Bars and Clubs

One thing that most can say about Chicago – this is what the nightlife is definitely happening. In any night, especially on weekends, you will find a party almost every corner. If you are new to Chicago or just visiting, you may be wondering what Barry Chicago and clubs You may be interested to visit one evening. This article is here to help you. Here are some great bars and clubs in Chicago that you can visit during your windy city.

If you are looking for a good time in the trendy bar or club in Chicago, you're bound to want to go to Stone Stone. This bar screaming luxury, excellent service and high atmosphere. The bar itself – it's two steps: with earth tones and light lamps. You definitely want to make the order and book yourself a table, as the Stone Lotus – one of the hot points of Chicago.

Do you want to dance the night? Check out the boutiques, one of the leading hip-hop bars and clubs in Chicago. Expect to pay for shelter from ten dollars and twenty dollars at the entrance. You can think about how to get on the guest list, to get faster. Dance it with the old, the new and unique music DJs only from the best DJs in the world.

Next on our list – Club 720. In this club, there are five floors for dancing, four different levels, with music ranging from reggae and hip-hop to salsa and meringue. What is remarkable in this bar and club in Chicago, is the fact that the payment for the cover and the pleasure does not happen. On each floor there are different genres of music games. On the top floor you can see what is happening on the dance floor thanks to a balcony with a view. On the third floor through the speakers rings of hip-hop. Go to the second floor if you are looking for reggae or salsa, and pop feel and fabulous orange lighting on the floor.

I am looking Chicago, bars and clubs for sports nuts? The central place for you. A few blocks from the Cubs at home, Wrigley Field, you can enjoy the exquisite bar. Watch the highlights of the games with many TVs, drink a beer and a snack. We all know that alcohol and food are good. Central boasts pizza Chicago-style bar snacks, sandwiches and salads. Relax and enjoy the weekend in order to simultaneously watch your favorite sports.

These are all excellent bars and clubs of Chicago? Of course not, it's just a few of the many fabulous hot spots in the big city of Chicago. Remember, when visiting any of the bars and clubs in Chicago, drink responsibly and designate a driver.

Spy Bar – a lump sum of the Chicago night life

Spend more than a million dollars on luxury repairs, you too can become the owner of the magnet mass. Indeed, the spy bar created a lot of buzz since the last renovation, thanks abstruse indirect lighting, glass panels, oak floor or noble plating of wood. 2,200 square feet below street area can easily accommodate up to 300 people, making it ideal for a weekend or exciting dance communication.

I was pleasantly surprised by a bathroom – the use of cell niches, like the interior, between men and women. It & # 39; s perfect oasis for girls & # 39; talk and men & # 39; introspection.

The owners have invested wisely in an expensive sound system of high technology, decorating party lovers the latest house music, which unwinds some of the best DJs in the area. It is the perfect place for night life in Chicago. Do not be fooled by the original brick walls, in the spy bar there is nothing that is not flashy luxury.

At 4 o'clock in the morning visit the sophisticated people in the 20's or 30's, looking for a good place to drink a cocktail of fun and release some energy. Spy Bar – the right place to try new and exciting cocktails, mainly because they are designed by the former bartender Metromix Best John Kinder. John recently named chef Rising Star Bar for creativity, so do not expect old-fashioned drinks. Prepare numbing extensive champagne list, complemented by delicious chocolates and truffles, delivered straight from the labs Vosges Haut Chocolate.

Unique inter & # 39; er, great drinks, put awarded chef and loud sexy music … it sounds like the perfect recipe for fun!

Rent a limo in Chicago

You are thinking about renting a limousine for the event in Chicago? What a great idea, and in Chicago it can be many things to see. Limousines in Chicago can solve a complex business, but here are a few advantages of using a limousine for your event.

Firstly, if you are planning to use a limousine in Chicago to pick up clients or take them into the city, then you are doing the right thing. As your customers will be more likely to believe that you are successful and have a great time with a limousine and a skilled driver than if you send them in a cab or taxi.

Secondly, if you are considering a limousine for prom or a wedding, you need to go ahead and hire one, because it is very large and important days in your life. You must have first class transport from their wedding to the airport or to go out for dinner and arrive at the prom. In addition, all your friends will be amazed, and your night will be much better because you rented the limousine.

On any occasion limousine service can improve the evening very stylish. You need to make sure you are using the polite service, which will still take care of you. If you call to get information about the service, make sure that you choose a limousine service, which will be friendly customer service representative, who treat you professionally. If they are friendly on the phone, it is likely, and your driver will be friendly.

Make sure to shop for the best price in the right place. Do you want a friendly, authoritative service with a good price. Also, be sure to advise the driver before and after the trip, and you will be better at night. Limousines in Chicago can be a wonderful, but be careful and make sure you get what you want.

Curious nicknames Chicago (and why we love them)

Chicago: "House of Blues", "Bears" and Mrs. O & # 39; People love a clever slogan, and not from chykagantsy & # 39 are the exception. There is no particular order, here are some of the most interesting nicknames (except wind towns and cities Chi), who were inspired by this unique city.

second city

What began as a noble tribute, as a result turned into attempted insult – and again turned into a compliment. It said that the "second city" of Chicago emerged after the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, as the "first city" was largely destroyed. Someone put on him a variety of back, saying that it's a great nickname, because Chicago will always be the second in New York. Nickname was so popular that, despite the fact that Los Angeles by population surpassed Chicago, he now lives in a variety of forms, including the famous improvised theater groups.


It comes from the original words of the Potawatomi, which they used to describe the land, which became Chicago. Chakagu means "wild onion" – or "smelly onion" or "striped skunk" or "skunsavaya cabbage", depending on whom you talk to. This wild onions were native to marshy area next to what is now known as the Chicago River. Some researchers believe that in the history of Chicago has a similar word that means "strong" or "excellent", also referring to the Chicago River. (Does this mean that the name Chicago is really another term was "big stink"?)

City, who works

This nickname started as a slogan that used the mayor of the city of Richard Jay, who literally led the city of Chicago from 1955 to 1976 is due to its origin commentary on the elder Mayor Daley treated with municipal utilities Chicago. The slogan is no longer with the & # 39 is unique to Chicago. Other mayors wished that their cities are also considered to be effective and hard-working, so this phrase has since used the Portland (Oregon), Stamford (Connecticut), Ipsilantsi (Michigan), Vittoria (Brazil) and Haifa (Israel), among others.

My kind of town / That Toddlin & # 39; Town

"My kind of town" – a song of the same name by James Van Heuzena and Sammy Kahn, and was popularized by Frank Sinatra in the film "Robin and the Seven Hoods" (1964). "That Toddlin & # 39; Town" – is a phrase from a song called "Chicago", written by Fred Fisher and shown in two famous films: "The history of Vernon and Irene Castle" (1939) with "Fred Astarte" and "Joker Wild ( 1957), and Frank Sinatra. These two nicknames Chicago listed because any alias, promoted by Frank Sinatra, love.


That's not a forecast of the weather & # 39; I. This last nickname is simply translated in Chicago, Illinois. Pop culture loves abbreviations smooth, and so we have JLo, K-Fed, OP, OC, op eds, detox, retox, fo sho, mos def and Chill as part of our vocabulary (LOL). No one speaks more "e-mail" – this whole e-mail. Cold – all in Chicago. This is a great place for a party, the winter is cold, and it's fun to say … if you are not one of those who thought that Chi-Town was a stupid name.

Your guide on the best professional hair color Chicago

If you are looking for the best hair colorists Chicago, then this article is for you. These experts in hair color in Chicago – the best in the business. They are dedicated to providing exceptional hairstyles and hair colors for each client using advanced techniques to achieve classic and modern styles, based on the ideal of beauty as a lifestyle.

1. Hair Studio and Tattoo Milios

959 W Belmont Ave

Chicago, IL 60657

This hip place – all about modern and contemporary haircuts and styling, as became apparent to both customers and stylist. Skilled stylists will give your scalp a sensual and invigorating bath, as well as shear and stylyuyuts hair under your requirements. The staff offers a wide selection of colors and highlights. For a more intense and lasting make-up tattoo ask for services.

2. Salon and Spa by Michael Joseph

715 N State Street

Chicago, IL, 60610

A full menu of luxurious treatments include facials, hair removal, manicures / pedicures, makeup application, special masks, massages, body scrubs and wraps. Choose Swedish massage, with deep tissue or hot stone, each of which is carried out on the soft, warmed processing tables. Botanical mask for the skin and leave the skin purified asvyazhanay; add luxury mask Pevonia Botanica to fully indulge in the skin. Popular spa packages include "Essence" (hour facial massage) and five hours of "awareness" (hour massage, facial masks, mask, manicure and pedicure).

3. Studio Robert Lucas

112 East Oak Street

Chicago, IL, 60611

Winner of the "National Master Crafts" laureate Robert Lucas Hart – the main expert on colors in Chicago and provides excellent color results. Robert beautifully creates a classic look with a modern edge and focuses on healthy hair, as it focuses on its benefits and challenges. He will provide you with a masterful look that is perfect for hair type and lifestyle …. look that you have always wanted, but did not know that you can have.

4. envy Salon

2070 N Clybourn Ave

Chicago, IL, 60614

Shop, wedged in a noisy part of Kliburna aimed at fine-appeal with muted shades of earth, cold violet light and glowing lighting sconces. Men and women fill more seats styling for maximum cuts and color treatments or throw one of several specialized cosmetics. Custom services include premium-session applying makeup and hair deep conditioning. In a well-edited retail section has brands such as Dermalogica and Kerastase.

5. Juice Beauty

Vebster Avenue 1400 W

Chicago, IL, 60614

Lincoln Park modern salon sells Aveda; procedures include cuts, color, deep conditioning, texture treatments, hair removal and makeup application.

6. Salon & Spa Blue

2915 n. Sheffield Ave.

Chicago, Illinois, 60657

Special haircuts, coloring, hair treatment and scalp, as well as styling for the solemn occasion – in a luxurious interior palette. Spa-care services include improved procedures for skin care, such as glycolic peels and mikradermabraziya. The women's and men's bags given a choice selection of salon and spa services. for the purchase of products allows at home to replicate some of the procedures.

7. TRIO salon Ltd.

712 Ave. Wabash

Chicago, IL, 60611

Colorful and modern, this hair salon offers haircuts, styling special events, painting, fakturavanne and nail care.

8. Princes Salon

2130 W Division Street

Chicago, Illinois


Salon Prink provides expertise in the hair, color, thermal renovation, perms and more. This salon is focused on how to make your hair look great, with plenty of food and diligent, friendly staff.

9. Non salons Sine Qua

2766 N Lincoln Ave

Chicago, IL, 60614

A haven for musicians and performers of Chicago, Sine Qua Non Salon truly unique. Guests feel a strange customer service, getting the latest styles and techniques of hair coloring. Stylists can create in this relaxed and comfortable, but very trendy atmosphere. Specializing in the service, "one by one", they are perfectly attained artistic highlight, cut and color. Specialties also include razor cut and care products world.

10. Salon of natural elements

2212 N Lincoln Ave.

Chicago, IL, 60614

Natural Elements with & # 39 is the first center in the United States, which has all its stylists, certified by the American Board certified hairdressers.

Looking for an apartment in Chicago

If you are looking for an apartment in Chicago, there are several types. The majority of large apartment buildings have a & # 39; drive through a common lobby. They also have a perfect security system and at least one doorman who manages the intercom and zumernay system for residents and visitors. Among the many apartments turn lifts, and usually in the building has a carpet from wall to wall. Tenants themselves pay phone bills and electricity bills. Laundry and general debris outfit are available for the entire building. In some buildings may be parking or garage. Some apartments can also provide air conditioning and extra storage space.

Search for apartments in Chicago can be a challenge. There are points that should be remembered tenants when they begin to look for. There are some key factors that will choose an apartment is much more simple task. It is important to ask a few questions before viewing apartments. You need to know that you can spend on rent and utilities each month.

If you have kids, you need to look for the school next to the apartment. It also becomes important to check public transportation that is available. People need to think, to look at the form of public transport that is available next to the apartment under consideration. It is important, when people rely solely on public transport modes to move in space.

People can also pass to feel that such a place. There are websites available that help people rent an apartment in Chicago.