Clean comedians in Chicago

"Growing up" in the Midwest as the executive president of the comedian and now "clean comedians Chicago," I know that clean comedians in the Chicago area today with a & # 39 are a rare commodity. However, an excessive amount of provocative comedies on cable television they return. Clean comedians in Chicago ahead of the game.

I first came on the scene in the mid-70s, when television comedy heroes were just starting to change. While my parents were still laughing classmates from Bob Hope and Red Skelton moron, a new generation was formed in the wake of Lenny Bruce and George Carleton. The material became more risky and very sharp.

C & # 39; the emergence of several cable television channels boundaries expanded. Comedy material that has been "removed" major networks, gradually acquired. Although once Joan Rivers and words such as "pregnant", one raised eyebrow, violence and invader Sam Kinisana made such references pale in comparison. America wanted to hear straight talk. Edged language and the material was a new blow.

Welcome to Satellite TV and everything in between. Hundreds of channels and no specific guidelines for taste and not particularly enthusiastic, that the factor of "tell-it-like-it" spiral out of control. Every physical part of the body examined and fair game for jokes. The crowd went crazy when the baby boomers are no longer suppressed censorship generation of moms and dads. Who could have foreseen after years of plaque material for comedy talk show CBS, NBC and ABC, about the TV, you can say or write absolutely everything? Baby boomers have spilled guts and ran and captured. Not only was the inspiration fouls.

The public is tired of it, and even disgusting. Where the genius of the excessive use of chatyrohbukvennaga word?

And the tide is on the turn.

Pure comedy back. The new generation is no longer in awe of shocking magnitude. There are delighted if you look clean comic work and laugh. Like a wounded warrior who makes the first move without crutches, in a pure comedy is a bit of heroism. Viewers love the fact that they are treated as reasonable people who "get". Pure comedy – is the new "hip", because it offers a fresh approach to the ridiculous, like life, and all its joys, pains and pitfalls of turning inside out.

Clean comedians in Chicago, returning with the rest of the nation. It really is time for a change when we review our values ​​and find joy in a clean and intelligent humor.

Your guide on the best professional hair color Chicago

If you are looking for the best hair colorists to Chicago, then this article is for you. These experts in hair color in Chicago – the best in the business. They are dedicated to providing exceptional hairstyles and hair colors for each client using advanced techniques to achieve classic and modern styles, based on the ideal of beauty as a lifestyle.

1. Hair Studio and Tattoo Milios

959 W Belmont Ave

Chicago, IL 60657

This hip place – all about modern and contemporary haircuts and styling, as became apparent to both customers and stylist. Skilled stylists will give your scalp a sensual and invigorating bath, as well as shear and stylyuyuts hair under your requirements. The staff offers a wide selection of colors and highlights. For a more intense and lasting make-up tattoo ask for services.

2. Michael Joseph Salon and Spa

715 N State Street

Chicago, IL, 60610

A full menu of luxurious treatments include facials, hair removal, manicures / pedicures, makeup application, special masks, massages, body scrubs and wraps. Choose Swedish massage, with deep tissue or hot stone, each of which is carried out on the soft, warmed processing tables. Botanical mask for the skin and leave the skin purified asvyazhanay; add luxury mask Pevonia Botanica to fully indulge in the skin. Popular spa packages include "Essence" (hour facial massage) and five hours of "awareness" (hour massage, facial masks, mask, manicure and pedicure).

3. Studio Robert Lucas

112 East Oak Street

Chicago, IL, 60611

Winner of the National Prize of crafts master Robert Lucas Hartz – chief expert in the Chicago area and the color known to produce great color results. Robert beautifully creates a classic look with a modern edge and focuses on healthy hair, as it focuses on its benefits and challenges. He will provide you with a masterful look that is perfect for hair type and lifestyle …. look that you have always wanted, but did not know that you might have.

4. envy Salon

2070 N Clybourn Ave

Chicago, IL, 60614

Shop, wedged in a noisy part of Kliburna aimed at fine-appeal with muted shades of earth, cold violet light and glowing lighting sconces. Men and women fill more seats styling for maximum cuts and color treatments or throw one of several specialized cosmetics. Custom services include premium-session applying makeup and hair deep conditioning. In a well-edited retail section has brands such as Dermalogica and Kerastase.

5. Juice Beauty

Vebster Avenue 1400 W

Chicago, IL, 60614

Lincoln Park modern salon sells Aveda; procedures include cuts, color, deep conditioning, texture treatments, hair removal and makeup application.

6. Salon & Spa Blue

2915 n. Sheffield Ave.

Chicago, Illinois, 60657

Expert haircuts, coloring, hair treatment and scalp, as well as styling for the solemn occasion – in a luxurious interior palette. Spa-care services include improved procedures for skin care, such as glycolic peels and mikradermabraziya. The women's and men's bags given a choice selection of salon and spa services. for the purchase of products allows at home to replicate some of the procedures.

7. TRIO salon Ltd.

712 Ave. Wabash

Chicago, IL, 60611

Colorful and modern, this hair salon offers haircuts, styling special events, painting, fakturavanne and nail care.

8. Princes Salon

2130 W Division Street

Chicago, Illinois


Salon Prink provides expertise in the hair, color, thermal renovation, perms and more. This salon is focused on how to make your hair look great, with plenty of food and diligent, friendly staff.

9. Non salons Sine Qua

2766 N Lincoln Ave

Chicago, IL, 60614

A haven for musicians and performers of Chicago, Sine Qua Non Salon – really unique. Guests feel a strange customer service, getting the latest styles and techniques of hair coloring. Stylists can create in this relaxed and comfortable, but very trendy atmosphere. Specializing in the service, "one by one", they are perfectly attained artistic highlight, cut and color. Specialties also include razor cut and care products world.

10. Salon of natural elements

2212 N Lincoln Ave.

Chicago, IL, 60614

Natural Elements with & # 39 is the first center in the United States who received all of their stylists that are certified by the American Board certified hairdressers.

Cars used cars in Chicago – government auctions

Many people who live in Chicago, taking out a bank loan to buy a car. They do not even know what to Chicago – this is a great place to buy a used or even a new car at auction, where new car prices could reach 500 dollars. Are you interested? If so, you're in the right place. This article will tell you more about the auctions of government cars and why the prices are so low.

Did you know that the government is doing, if you do not pay debts or taxes? Power confiscates your car, home or other valuable property that you have. Then, an auction, where anyone can purchase your confiscated property.

Thus, the price of these auctions so low. There are millions of people with confiscated cars, and the government sells the car at all costs, to make room for storage. If you want to participate in the auction, you have to pay a small fee, as the auction owners must cover the costs of such auctions.

There are many ways to find these auctions. You can search the newspaper or check the local municipality for more information. However, there is another way to find hundreds of auctions every day – online auction. I use an online auction of government every month, because I resell the machine. This is the best opportunity for me. Therefore, I recommend you use them. If you are interested, visit my link at the end of this article. This is one of the best government auctions in the United States.

Five little-known facts about the Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears – One of the most respected franchises in the entire National Football League. The team – one of the few other teams that were first-born founders of the league in the early 1900s. Over the years, a number of outstanding players have played for the Bears, and the team has played in a number of different games. Here are five fun facts about the Chicago Bears.

1. Red Bears retired jersey number received more than any other team in the NFL. In Chicago, there are 13 rooms, including T-shirts Bronko Nagurski (№3), George McAfee (№5), George Halas (# 7), Willie Galimora (# 28), Walter Payton (# 34), Gale Sayers (# 40) Brian piccolo (# 41), Sid Luckman (# 42), Dick Butkus (# 51), Bill Hewitt (# 56), Bill George (# 61), Clyde Turner (# 66), and Red Grange (№ 77).

2. In an episode of the animated film "Yogi Bear" 1961 Yoga helps Bears beat the New York Giants.

3. In the car & # 39; a career that lasted from 1954 to 1961, before it was cut short due to injury, Harlon Hill resigned as team leader in the car & # 39; ernyh yards to 4616 yards (he has since dropped in second place behind John Morris). Hill in the middle of the amazing 20.4 yards per catch.

4. The longest pryzyamleny pass in team history caught After Feryngtan and went 98 yards. Feryngtan only played for the Bears from 1961 to 1963, but still has a place in the team's history.

5. Due to his time with the team, leading to bogus stories "Chicago Bears" with the & # 39 is a Hall of Fame Walter Payton of 86. The remaining four players, who rounded out the top-5 fumblerav "Bears" in history – Jim Harbaugh of 38 Rick Kasares of 35, Willy and Gail Galimor Sawers 34.

With one of the longest running and most respected history of any team in the entire National Football League, the Chicago Bears really played a big role in that league got where it is today. For many years there have been a lot of great players, "Bears", and in front of many more. For football fans, as well as for fans of the team itself, it is obvious why the "Red Bear" is known as one of the best teams in the entire NFL.

NFL Football Free Games: Carolina Panther Chicago Bears

Protection wins championships. You've all heard about this cliché. But it will be a determining factor in tonight's game against the King's "Panther" and "To the Chicago Bears." Both teams are strong in defense, and both teams are bad attack.

In his previous match last November Bears with & # 39; went 13-3 with a victory on the soldier's field; I fully expect that this Sunday they finish inconsistent Carolina Panthers. Bears will continue to soldier on the field.

bear protection allows to provide home 12.6 ppm and 7.6 ppm alarming! The game bears this year took place (o / u 4-10-2) is mainly due to this fact. While I can see that this Sunday, this game is more than the total forecasted project, I still see that Caroline did not get more than 14 points in this match.

If bears are killed early, they will gain most. Teams that go from the lowest wins in the playoffs, have a rather unpleasant ATS record in the next game; not to mention the fact that in the last game, "Panthers" were excluded his opponent … this game is written all over. Bears need to make a trip to the West next Sunday to play in Seattle Sioks.

Today, free elections include bears, which are now refusing to less than a field goal.

Catching car & # 39; eray in fashion schools in Chicago

The Chicago schools increased craving for training

With more than 400,000 students spread over 600 public elementary and secondary schools, Chicago Public Schools, also known as the CPS, with & # 39 is the third largest school district in the United States. This extensive network of schools dedicated to the city of Chicago and the borders with the & # 39 is the second largest employer in the city. Chicago schools differ from other school districts of the country so that the entire system is under the control of the mayor. In many Chicago schools is limited to the number of students who can be constrained by the limits of their neighbors, and the definitions of neighborhoods can vary depending on the housing size and the number of schools in it. With access to the $ 6 billion, in Chicago schools have access to the extensive resources that help them to implement far-reaching programs that allow students to fully realize the potential of the individual. One such course, which was recently presented in Chicago public schools – a program "Education to the car & # 39; EASURES".

Chicago School contribute skills ready for operation

Earlier there was a time when the training class was a training ground for students who did not expect and did not aspire to a college education. Program "Education to the car & # 39; EASURES" Chicago school aims to change all that. Fashion design students who are included in the ETC in Chicago schools, not just teach theory and cutting techniques in the classroom, but they are also encouraged to be trained to work in boutiques and fashion stores.

This is not just a transition jump with hands-on training, providing sewing in the classroom, but also gives students an idea of ​​the pressures and challenges of working in the real world. Chicago schools students who choose such education in the workplace are not considered employees of the company, where they hone their skills; or they do not get school credit. However, sometimes business owners can choose a minimum stipend. But such monetary compensation departs on the importance of the depth of training and exposure that students receive the Chicago schools, where they are given a real experience.

Alliances for the convenience of students Chicago schools

It is not only fashion design students who are open and feed your passion for certain vocations. ETC program, which covers about 30 000 students, about the & # 39; mingled with a number of business owners to provide students with the opportunity after the timeless teaching in a number of other areas, such as information technology and health care. These courses are not only useful for those who intend to join the workforce after graduation, but also provide a solid foundation for those who may be inspired to choose a college program for further training.

What can be done in Chicago, Illinois

Chicago, Illinois, is a city that is full of history, culture and entertainment, and is the force that requires study. Chicago Harbor opens up to Lake Michigan, and then splits the city and its charm. Although one-third of construction was completely destroyed during the great fire of 1871, Chicago has risen from the ashes and became a city full of architectural wonders.

1. Oak Park – a residential area, where a huge impact made by Frank Lloyd Wright. It contains 25 buildings and houses built in the style of Wright's prairie between 1889 and 1909. This is the largest collection of his works found elsewhere in the world.

2. Sears Tower was the tallest skyscraper in the United States, when it was built in 1973. With the 110-storey building overlooks the Chicago with one thousand three hundred fifty-three feet above street level.

3. Night Breakfast Cheney House – one of the most unique places to stay in the city. The house was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, as well as most of the furniture.

4. Lincoln Park is a number of Chicago landmarks, statues, monuments, beaches and playgrounds. It is the largest park in the city. You will find in the Lincoln Park Zoo, which includes a children's zoo with a copy of the current Illinois farm. The conservatory in park with 19 houses propagation area of ​​more than 4 hectares.

5. Navy Pier, which was originally built in the amusement park, has been restored. Now it live Chicago Children's Museum, the Smith Museum of Stained Glass, Shakespeare Theater in Chicago and enough additional attractions that you have been busy during the day.

6. Planetarium and Astronomy Museum Adler has an amazing collection of sundials, rare books, schedules and much more. There is even a theater StarRider, offers a journey into space.

7. loyal customers will appreciate "Magnificent Mile". Michigan Avenue shops are exhibited, which will meet each thrust, needs and budget, which can have a heavy shop.

8. Aquarium John G. Shed, is believed to have the largest indoor marine mammal pavilion in the world. You can visit byaluzhskih whales, dolphins, sea otters, harbor seals and penguins.

The number of sites that are in the city of Chicago, it may take you weeks. Add a museum, cultural events and live entertainment, which you can find on any week and you may find that you never want to leave Chicago, once Zayed guests.

Do something cool in Chicago

These days, many people decide to stay closer to home and visit the big city with memorable sights. Chicago – fantastic place, because here you can see and diversity. In fact, so many things to do, and I see that it can quickly become overwhelming. But do not worry, whatever your interest, you are sure to find in Chicago that should be done.

Do not forget to leave your car at home or at the hotel and take advantage of the famous Chicago mass transit system. While relaxing on the train you can get daily and weekly travel, and he visits all the best stops in the city. Your hotel can help you get acquainted with the system, and maps are available. If you are in doubt, you can always pretend that you are a local Chicago and do taxis.

Learn something

In Chicago, live some of the most famous museums in the United States. Many people come to Chicago, only in order to visit one of these huge and influential museums. They are great for both children and adults. If you plan to have fun and at the same time to get an education, you come to the right place. carefully : Some of these museums are so great that you can easily spent the whole day inside one, plan accordingly! You can easily spend a day (or two) at the Field Museum and the Art Institute.

  • field Museum – The natural history museum is home to more than 21 million specimens and artifacts, so much that only a relatively small exposure to at any time. In particular, in the field museum houses "Sue," the largest skeleton T-Rex, found to date. There are many more dinosaur bones. The Museum of the field also have a large collection of taxidermy animals, including the famous man who eats lions, famous in the movies. Their main exhibits are rotated forward to learn and find out what will be presented if you are in the city. Look, listen, feel and learn in a field museum.
  • Chicago Art Institute – The second largest art museum in Chicago in the United States, Illinois. Art that spans 5,000 years, is about one million square feet of the main property. No wonder that people often visit Chicago just in this museum. This institute live very famous paintings such as Vincent van Gogh, "Portrait", and Grant Wood "American Gothic."
  • Aquarium barn – The most popular aquarium in the United States, which receives more than 2 million visitors a year. Shedd Aquarium was once the largest in the US and employs more than 25,000 fish. Architecture is also amazing, allowing to stand next to a shark in an aquarium or a giant sea turtle. It is always a hit with the kids!

In Chicago, there are many museums. This is just a small example of what the city has to offer. You can also visit some other historical sites such as the Sears Tower.

On the & # 39; eat something

Chicago has its own food culture; treats from home to the height of snobbery food, have you fill out all your favorite food fantasies.

Chicago is the home of the popular pizza with a deep dish. The actual name, deep dish has a thick crust and the filling layers and cheese, coated with a thick layer of tomato sauce. Make sure you try Giordano next visit!

If you want authentic Chinese food, go to the train to Chinatown for the day shopping and excellent food. Have you ever tried to "dim sum" or "bubble tea"? Both delicious! Try to hold on Joey, yes, until you're back in town!

It will not be Chicago without delicious hot dogs Chicago-style – try one of Portillo & S, or See therefore one of the famous wagon!

See anything

In Chicago, there are many things that you can look and see! If you have a huge family & # 39; I have different interests, it is no problem to keep everyone happy on vacation here. In Chicago, there is a wonderful zoo, water parks, amusement parks and other great attractions.

  • field Omuta – If you're visiting during baseball season, no trip would be complete without the participation of a baseball game on one of the oldest and most famous golf in America. Be delighted by the beloved Chicago Cubs, regardless of your usual accessories to the team!
  • Require a little calm and fresh air in one of Chicago beautiful parks such as Park or Vicker Millennium Park. In fact, it would be a great opportunity to take your bike on your back and work out a little bit. Chicago is quickly becoming one of the most convenient places for bicycles in the United States. There is a good number of hiking trails and shady spots that can twist with a good book.
  • Michigan Avenue – Let go of my biggest "fashionistas" Michigan Avenue, where the streets exposed to the store with a great desire. Spend the day shopping and reviews on the "Magnificent Mile".
  • Navy pier – This is an interesting place for the whole family & # 39; and; with lunch, shopping and attractions, all in one convenient location. Have you ever wanted a & # 39; to go on a 15-carrier inspection? Well, now you can! On the Navy pier is also a children's museum, a working carousel and a lot of interesting carnival like rides and games.

If you want a bit of night life in Chicago has the word of one of the most respected comedy clubs, and there are many great theaters, in which represented Broadway performances. It is also common for TV shows and movies to shoot in the city, well known as Chicago, so watch out for the crew and see your favorite stars!

When we were kids in Chicago (Part 2)

Mom from an early age to send me to school, and she thought it was to do my best for my education. Or not agreed to my father, a little important. Of course, they were all Catholic schools, and all of them were children dystsyplinarami. Learn or Die, was their motto. I believe that I did not study, and I almost died several times, at least it was.

Going to school and meeting with friends after class was like a meeting with caviar sandwich with Bologna at tea. We were boys who acted cool and tough. I believe that waited on us because we are all so acted.

Even in school, we studied the art of language and refinement. On the street we found a way fist and survival. My mother never had to learn these things, even though she was one tough cookie.

We used linguistic specialties such as, dem (them), or a dose of (those), dees (was another favorite). My father was a master linguist and highly skilled in the art to annoy my mother. While he blessed the highest level of street Ling. My mother, stagnavshy in disagreement, recounted a huge amount of money they spent to send us to the best schools.

We gave her the street-skinned and bad manners. In retrospect, I would not want to continue this course again. Then he seemed smart funny. An early form of rebellion. I was a product of the sixties, and you would have heard me Kolocha in large quantities to ignore. (Thanks to Helen Reddy)

Mentioned only about sixty years to make my mind a flood of memories. Beatniks, how many people even know what a beatnik. Snapping his fingers, instead of applauding. Beards and mustaches, most of whom are unlikely to have enough years to grow everything from a distance looked like any of these courageous outgrowths.

Most of them were a couple of years older than us, but it was enough to reach the right age. They wrote poems, some of which had two or three words. All of them require an appropriate amount of time to think and to inflame the frantic applause of fingers, to the delight of "poet". We just looked at each other and thought, "dumb".

In these beatniks something happened, but we never did. After beatniks come ypi. UPI, kids can read this and say to yourself: "dumb". I do not blame you, not one bit.

Bishop was the radical wing Nouveau thinkers. They somehow had the wisdom of the ages, which was wrapped in my 20 years, and they all knew. In any case, it was their idea. For us they were the only creators of problems. Sneeze and complain about everything. In a short span of time with the & # 39 were real things that was the sixties, hippie.

Hippies were great dudes and chicks who listened to Joplin, Hendrik, stone and Tseplina. They had long hair, smoking weed, acid throwing. It was the reverse side of the sixties, which was the beginning of drag drug in America. As a former police officer, I'm rowing the use of these drugs, I've seen their dirty deeds up close and personal.

I'm not sure where all the guys of my generation fit into all of these disorders, but somehow we were part of it. Perhaps we were the guys who entered the militarny and served our country and flag. It was probably the best choice I ever made. I live my pride, knowing that he served four years. That was my last thought of the days when we were kids in Chicago.

4 Tips on public transportation in Chicago – how to navigate the city

Public transportation Chicago and the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) facilitate movement around the city. Chicago loves attending visitors, so they simply get from point A to point the city without having to rent a car. I love that everything in the city is quite centrally, so that the bypass has not monumental.

1. The city was designed by the network, so that most of the street ran along the line from north to south and from east to west and tsentralizavalisya on the lake, so you will always know that the east – the lake, and it helped. me a lot of time getting out the bearings, so that I can move from one point to another.

In addition to accommodation the city of Chicago public transportation will help you easily get from point A to point B with the abundance of trains and buses, which operate around the clock. In these trains and buses are hundreds of stops per day, so you can easily go nowhere.

2. If you want to go through the city, one of the things that facilitate my journey – is to find all the attractions that I want to see, and list them.

3. Next, I group them together, so I made the most of his time.

4 I use pasture Chicago website in transit to plan your trip from multiple locations. I like that it is possible to go more or less, so if I want to walk to go to any city. Or, if I know that I do not have enough time, I can get where I want to go faster, asking the trip planner to plan with less distance.