My travel agent is Crooke and other horror stories

There was a recent article on CNN where women listed all of the various ills they had suffered on their vacation because of a "bad travel agent". The plane ticket you bought was not upgradeable or refundable. The hotel will not upgrade it to a better room. Her car did not have an unlimited number of miles. She said that the travel agent did all these things in order to earn a higher commission. And the list went on …

My first response as a traveler was that she was angered and annoyed that her vacation was not great. My first reaction as a travel agent – hold the fort – did you order any of these when you met the travel agent?

We do not mind readers. We do our best to check our customers for what they like, hate and preferences. However, the customer does not pay much of this process.

To understand the best way to use a travel agent, you must understand how the travel agency works.

In the "old days", travel agents receive commissions from airlines, hotels, cars, and travel resorts purchased on behalf of the customer. With the advent of the Internet, these checks began to disappear. Regular travel (without hotels or rental cars) is generally not chargeable. This means that when the travel agent searches for your best, he (he) will not receive any money for the time and effort spent on your behalf. Booking airline tickets alone is actually a proposal to lose money to a travel agent. However, many good agents will continue to book these flights as a goodwill gesture in the hope that they will bring them to your other trips.

Your budget determines the type of travel and accommodation you will receive. If you have a tight budget, you will likely end up with non-refundable / unalterable plane tickets and hotel rooms that will not allow you to upgrade. Be sure to discuss your budget options and the pros and cons of your travel, car and hotel ticket before making a purchase. Keep in mind that a travel agent is likely to get a higher commission on the refundable / upgradeable rates, so buying non-refundable / non-changeable tickets doesn't really benefit the travel agent.

If you want to use airline points or hotels for promotions, be sure to inform your agent in advance. This way, he can find you the best upgradeable deal.

Your travel agent can be an invaluable asset when planning your next trip or vacation. You, as a consumer, have certain responsibilities to volunteer information if not directly requested.

Questions to ask your agent.

1. Do you charge any research or other fees?

2. Will you work with me if there are any problems?

3. Do you work with any company that allows me to pay my leave?

4. Is there a 24/7 phone number in case of critical problems?

Questions your agent should ask

1. What are the travel areas that interest you?

2. What kind of budget do you have?

3. What types of travel do you like – air, cruises, all-inclusive, etc.?

4. Do you have airline seating preferences?

5. Smoking or non-smoking rooms (if any)?

6. What level of service do you expect – budget, 5 stars etc.?

7. Ask about international visas and passports.

Great holidays start with detailed planning. So, meet with your travel agent and start planning your next trip.


Factors affecting the price of an airline ticket

The wide range of prices you encounter when shopping for a plane ticket, make this a daunting task. What factors influence the price?

  • The cost of fuel is one of the greatest effects on tickets. The price of crude oil also increases, and so does the airline. Airlines that are negotiating fuel purchases in the future can avoid sudden spikes and transfer savings to the customer.
  • A weak economy limits travel of unnecessary people. This encourages airlines to give discounts to entice flyers. Conversely, when the business is good, and the planes are filled with capacity, there is little incentive to offer low-priced airline tickets.
  • Airport fees are another part of ticket prices. Airlines that use smaller airports offer fees.
  • Destination is a factor. Competition will greatly affect the price. An airline with a virtual monopoly over a particular route can charge what you want. These international methods are creating fierce competition from other countries, and they must keep prices in line with what they offer.
  • Budget airlines can sometimes provide the cheapest airline tickets with a "no-frills" approach. This is most effective on short-haul domestic flights.
  • Timing plays a role. If the departure date approaches, and the flight still contains many empty seats, the airline may offer them at a significant discount. If flying on a particular day is not decisive, it may be worth the hold until the last minute.
  • Where you can buy a ticket affects its cost. Travel agents get deals from transport companies, but they receive fees for their services. The Internet produces some deals, but beware of dealing with it. Sometimes private airline sites have unannounced discounts.
  • Plain, old-fashioned greedy. Air travel is a market-driven economy, and airlines will charge as much as possible. Do not believe anyone. Do your research.

When shopping for cheap flights, be aware of what you are already comparing. One airline announces a flight to an Asian destination, at $ 800, while another airline offers a price of $ 1,300. Reading the fine print shows that the "cheap fee" has another $ 700 in hidden fees and surcharges, which means that it's actually $ 200 more than the all-inclusive fee.

There are many factors that affect the cost of a flight ticket. The extent to which the carrier manages these costs will determine the end result. Competition is the key, as most airlines want your company to offer the best deals. Careful shopping will help find the cheapest flights.


Find the best flight deals

We all hear some strange stories about how airlines are shipping people these days. I recently heard about an airline thinking about putting its passengers and pricing their tickets accordingly. These are very radical things in my book, but then again, it might be justified. In any case, booking airline tickets can become a very expensive proposition.

But as airline customers we have a way to respond. What I mean by responding is smart shopping and saving money. Whether you are traveling on a business trip or for personal reasons, there is no excuse for not being able to find the best flight deals. It is a simple matter to know where to search and then actually do your homework by searching for the best airline tickets. It is not difficult at all, and in my opinion, worth the effort.

Personally, I like to use the Internet to shop and compare travel deals with flying. There are literally dozens and dozens of sites that are independent of airlines and therefore they are not owned by them. What this means is that it is in their best interests to show you the best airline tickets available.

Some of these websites may be a little scary at first, but soon you'll find it very easy to navigate. It can actually be very fun once you get a comment from them. I see travel sites as treasure maps and it is up to me to find the treasure, which in this case are exceptional airline travel deals.

What you will find is that these travel websites usually offer much more than just airline tickets and information. Many of them offer comprehensive offers that include hotels, rental cars and visits to tourist attractions such as parks and museums. It actually makes the perfect feeling right? The bottom line is that you can get great travel tickets as part of the travel package.

Another excellent alternative is to book last minute flight reservations. Usually you find the best offer for your flight in advance. But the best known secret is that if you are flexible enough and can travel at the last minute, there are some great deals that you should get. Airlines that face cancellations at the last minute will price their tickets for sale instead of leaving those seats blank and the airline will not earn any money on them.

If you find a lot on cheap flights at the last minute, you should be prepared to travel at odd times. Usually it happens that airlines have most of the empty seats during their flights with the naked eye. But for my money, travel in exotic hours, morning and night, is a nuisance that is offset by the savings in airline tickets.

She achieved personal success and made a lot of money by comparing online shopping with taking advantage of the great travel deals available on airlines. They are there believe me, you just need to know where to look.


Tips to find a cheap Ailine ticket

Is the plane ticket price a primary concern of your travel decision? If not, congratulations! You are lucky. But if you are part of the people who think flying is expensive, you must find a way to get a cheap airline ticket.

There are many tips and guides that can easily help you get cheap airline tickets. I would like to highlight a few here that are fast and easy from a consumer point of view.

The most important tip is to keep your time flexible. If price is your primary concern, time is your savior. If you don't need to catch up with any important meeting or other event that requires your immediate attention, chances are that you will save your time to travel at any time. As you know, most airlines have rated "high peak season" and "low peak season". Of course when the order is high, it is impossible for you to get a low-cost ticket. So, what you can really do is target all season low cost. Your flexibility will save you a lot from the ticket price. However, you may be wondering how to target these low-cost tickets? It's very simple by doing your due diligence. You can collect a lot of information from the internet, travel agent or any low-cost airline on this company. You can simply go to Google and type "low cost airline in your country". It will return you many results. After you've got all the information, the next thing is to make a comparison of all those travel at a low cost and choose the one that best suits your time.

Moreover, watch out for the discount rates that airlines offer from time to time. Since the competition is great among all airlines, it will definitely benefit us in getting a low-cost ticket. There are many ticket discount sites available on the Internet. Simply search for it and compare each other to get the best deal. The Internet is full of useful information for you to find a cheap price. Save some time and you can get your cheap ticket to the destination of your dreams. As a reminder, do not book a ticket after you feel the ticket is cheap. Doing more research on different companies. You may find that the price may vary greatly from one to another. What if you don't have an internet connection? Well, you might always search for advertisement from the newspaper or enter a travel agent. Most of the travel agent has contact with airlines. Simply walk and ask as many questions as you can. Some good travel agent will give you recommendations for a cheap price. As always, do more than excited and make the wrong decision. Do more survey of other travel agents. Please always keep in mind that many travel agents are willing to lower prices to beat their competition. Hence, your dream vacation can come true despite the austerity budget.

The next thing that you need to practice is to choose your travel package wisely. For most destinations, different travel agent will provide different package. You have to make your choice. If housing is not a concern for you, try choosing those long-stay packages so that you have the most visiting days.

When you search on airlines, you may realize that the cost of travel varies greatly. The most expensive travel usually comes with a more comfortable seat and a meal provided on the plane. But since you are looking for a cheap airline ticket, why do you care? The most important thing is that you can reach the destination of your dreams. Sometimes you may realize that low-cost airlines have a limited departure station. The airport station may be far from your area. Do not let this put you off. You can consider taking this trip by other public transport such as a bus or training provided you have plenty of time. In short, you still have a chance to get a cheap airline ticket.

Finally, don't be shy. Most people know that there may be some cheap tickets available, but they are just not brave enough to ask about it simply because they fear others will make them laugh. This is a very incorrect position. Do not let this happen to you and become a major obstacle to getting a cheap airline ticket. Remember, nothing to be shy of. She's rather smart instead of learning to take a good chance.

In conclusion, finding a cheap airline ticket is not difficult. What you really need to do is save some time and put your effort into it. After that, it will be the best show on your way.


Plane ticket: only the beginning of the cost of flying

He used to buy a plane ticket was a rather simple task. You would choose your flight and time and pay to travel from point A to point B. Today, buying a ticket is a more complicated process. Pilots face a number of options, each with its own price.

A lot of fees can be added to the plane ticket price so that the base cost is usually only a starting point. "Consumers don't know what to expect unless they all read in print, which is a lot nowadays," said Max Levitt, co-founder of Although the cable company provides you with a range of services, the airlines do exactly the opposite, providing you with optional options of services that were included in the normal fare. Transport companies claim that the additional plane ticket fees are simply its idea of ​​giving more options to travelers. Jeff Smisic, CEO of United Airlines, compared the process to ordering a pizza saying: "We used to give you pizza with all the extras and that's all I got. Canceling the assembly allows passengers to pay only for what they want."

But what if the current base rate for a plane ticket is higher than the traditional price "with all extras"? Due to the high cost of fuel, airlines require additional revenue to stay in the air, according to an industry spokesperson. Privileges that were included in the cost of the plane ticket but now incur additional charges include baggage checks (heavier baggage, higher cost), cancellation, food and beverages. Other fees that are added to the cost of a plane ticket are for new services such as wireless Internet access and seating with additional legroom. There is talk of a new program where a passenger can purchase a higher priced plane ticket that qualifies him for 1.5 seats. If I was sarcastic, I might suggest that the size of seats on planes has shrunk over the past few years, so people will be tempted to buy a second seat. (Some do.) Selling a double seat means lower weight for passengers and luggage on board the aircraft, which results in lower fuel consumption while ticket revenues remain the same. Of course, I could be bigger now than I used to be and the seats look smaller …

In July 2013, a survey conducted by Consumer Reports designated America & # 39; s Spirit Airlines as the most hated carrier. About 39% of Spirit's 2012 revenue came from sources other than the airline ticket. "Spirit is the only airline that does not exceed its fares, which can be 90 percent lower than other airlines," says George Hopika, founder and editor of Airfarewatchdog, which tracks airline deals. The problem is that, in addition to the plane ticket price, it also charges a large set of fees: $ 10 to $ 19 only for flight booking, $ 3 for juice, a soft drink or dessert, and $ 35 to $ 100 per carry-on bag. Ironically, Spirit Airlines is thriving while other big carriers aren't. It should be very popular with these travelers who travel without luggage. It is clear that although no one likes to add fees, the fees must be weighed against the overall offers of airlines like Southwest and Virgin America to determine the best deal on a plane ticket.