Clean comedians in Chicago

"Growing up" in the Midwest as the executive president of the comedian and now "clean comedians Chicago," I know that clean comedians in the Chicago area today with a & # 39 are a rare commodity. However, an excessive amount of provocative comedies on cable television they return. Clean comedians in Chicago ahead of the […]

What can be done in Chicago, Illinois

Chicago, Illinois, is a city that is full of history, culture and entertainment, and is the force that requires study. Chicago Harbor opens up to Lake Michigan, and then splits the city and its charm. Although one-third of construction was completely destroyed during the great fire of 1871, Chicago has risen from the ashes and […]

Do something cool in Chicago

These days, many people decide to stay closer to home and visit the big city with memorable sights. Chicago – fantastic place, because here you can see and diversity. In fact, so many things to do, and I see that it can quickly become overwhelming. But do not worry, whatever your interest, you are sure […]

When we were kids in Chicago (Part 2)

Mom from an early age to send me to school, and she thought it was to do my best for my education. Or not agreed to my father, a little important. Of course, they were all Catholic schools, and all of them were children dystsyplinarami. Learn or Die, was their motto. I believe that I […]