History of Pizza in Chicago-style


Pizza in the “Railway” pizza, which is loved by many people, was invented in Pizzeria Uno in Chicago in 1943, according to the founder Ike Sewell Uno, a former star football star University of Texas. However, in an article in 1956 in the Chicago Daily News asserts that the original pizza chef Rudy Malnatsi Uno has developed a well-known recipe.
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just pizza base. To do this, use a thick layer of dough (made from olive oil and corn flour), which is formed in a deep round pan and pulled around. Crust pizza baked before adding the filling to give it a spring.
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Baking – this cooking technique in which the bread dough or partially baked and then rapidly cooled or frozen. Raw dough is baked as it normally, but stops about 80% of the normal cooking time, when it cools rapidly and frozen. Partial cooking kill yeast bread mixes and establishes the internal structure of proteins and starch (spongy texture of bread), so that it now almost ready within, but not so as to form a “crust.” or other seemingly desirable qualities that are hard to maintain when it is ready.
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Then the coated cheese crust (normally chopped motsarelu) and coated meat and / or vegetables, such as Italian sausage, onions and peppers. Then the sauce is added crushed or pureed tomato. Usually it is topped with a mixture of grated cheese to add extra flavor. The usual pizza added about half a kilo of cheese. Due to the number of ingredients in this style of pizza is usually eaten with a knife and fork. It’s pretty messy eating with your fingers.
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In addition to the Uno, including famous restaurants with deep dishes include a restaurant and a satellite Uno Due, which opened directly into the quarter Sewell in 1955. However, the year before, in 1954, the original pizza Jean located on the street Rush, opened his door, and 12 years later, in 1966, opened the East Jin. Other restaurants with a deep dish – Edward, Horses, Jordan, Carmen, Pisa (belonging to his son Rudy Malnatsi, Rudy, Jr.) and Lou Malnatsi (which took another of his sons Rudi Malnatsi, and is now run by his grandchildren and Chicago has 26 seats) .
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Chicago deep dish pizza is famous around the world. Accordingly, many institutions with pitsarnyya Chicago deep dish pizza delivered to their partially baked in the continental US
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In the mid-1970s, two Chicago Network, Nancy based Rocco useful and Jordan have begun to experiment with pizza deep-dish and stuffed pizza created. He climbed founded his creation on the mother’s recipe for skarbiddy, Italian Easter pie hometown potency. Article from Chicago magazine containing soft pizza Jordan, popularized the dish. Other pizzerias that make soft pizzas include Bakin, Edward and Carmen. Most also do thin crust.
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Stuffed pizza is often even higher than deep dish pizza, but otherwise it’s hard to tell the difference unless you trim it. Stuffed pizza usually has a much higher filling density than any other type of pizza. Like the pizza with deep dishes, thin layer of dough forms a bowl on vysokabakovay pan and filling and cheese are added. Then an additional layer of dough is pressed onto the top and bottom edges of the crust.
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At this stage of the process a thin top dough has a rounded, dome-shaped appearance. Often pizza manufacturers pierce the small hole in the top of the “cover pizza” to the air and steam escapes during cooking. This allows the pizza sauce to penetrate the cake. Pizza sauce is added to the top layer of cake, and then baked pizza.

Railway pizza in Chicago is similar to the traditional pizza with a deep dish, which is served in other parts of the country, and is baked at such a deep-sided frying pan, but it is quite thick crust – the intersection between the buttery crust and crust. . Toppings and cheese often fall on top of the pizza, not a sauce, as is the case with traditional pizza deep-dish and stuffed pizza. Location of cheese and toppings on top of making pizza is sort of like a pan pizza with a thin crust of thicker and more crust.

In addition to the deep dish pizza in Chicago, there’s also a thin-crust pizza that is unique to Chicago, which is sometimes called a “flat pizza.” The crust is thin and hard, usually with a crunchy texture, unlike pizza in New York, but thick enough to be soft and tsestavatay top.

Cinnamon is topped with a liberal amount of tomato sauce in the Italian style. This type of sauce is typically dressed with herbs or very sharp. Usually the crust is not visible pieces of tomatoes. Adding a layer of filling and finally a layer of mozzarella cheese.

Pizza in Chicago-style has a rich and famous legacy and fans from around the world. If you are a lover of pizza, and you’ve never tried this type of pizza, be sure to try it, I am quite sure that you will enjoy!