Calendar is a scandal and the scandal Blacks Sox 1919


Chicago "Black Sox scandal" in 1919 shook the baseball to the core, and almost spoiled the game. Athlete Ring Lardner was the basis of the history and regularly informed about the next court and ban the participation of eight players. Case Lardner shook faith in the game of baseball and deprived of one of the great early writers.

Turning to Eliot Asinofa with a baseball classic with 8 men, directed by John Lardner Saylz again put baseball and literary attention during Hollywood film in 1988 "eight men". The film includes some talents with big names including John Kyusak and John Mahoney (numerous films, and then the glory of Fraser). Sayls, the actor who played Lardner, who quickly discovered that behind the scenes of the Chicago White Sox. High praise of strong media and critics, such as the New York Times, Janet olives ( "the story of a boy's enthusiasm has gone bad in all too adult world. Eight Men Out is a home station") has given this film right leg and is now considered a classic among fans baseball film.

Ring started car & # 39; a career in sports writing in South Bend, writing for "Sound Band stands," and "Sunday Times Band". He moved to Chicago, and wrote for the Chicago Inter-Ocean, the examiners of Chicago and, finally, in Chicago. Padskokvavshy few years, including taking free time to work on a fictional book, "You know me Al" Larnder returned to Chicago and continued to write in the "Tribune."

This leads us to the scandal. The official story is: a lot of players in the Chicago organization White White Sox were upset payment tactics and negotiation Sox owner Charles Comiskey. If Joseph Sullivan turned to the first White Sox general Arnold Gandhi on behalf of the New York mafiora Arnold Rothstein, the timing was right. Gandhi was able to collect an additional seven players (thus reaching up to eight) to throw a game against Chynchynatav Reds in the World Series in 1919. For this the players were promised total of 100 000 dollars.

Ring Lardner wrote works for the "Tribune" after a series of hinting and reported rumors that were floating by the time the major, the players may have been "armed". He continued his story and in the end, Major League Baseball began studying these statements. Once owners have appointed a new judge authorized Kenezau Mavrina Landis, the case is considered in court. After the trial, which was illuminated by the news and is likely to affect public opinion, the players were acquitted. However, Judge Landis saw things differently when he banned all eight players who were involved in the scandal.

After the scandal in 1919 Black Sox broke out, Lardner continued to cover baseball, I have not yet emerged from the rostrum. According to the biography, when Ring in sports, it starts subtly questioning the events and the results of games. Ring Lardner moved at age 48 due to complications from tuberculosis in 1933.