The early history of the Chicago Blackhawks!


Chicago Blackhawks were founded in 1926, along with six American teams. The first six US hockey teams – "Boston Bruyns", "Montreal Canadians", "Maple Leafs Toronto", "New York Rangers" and "Detroit" – they will later be referred to the original six. In 1926, Frederic McLaughlin drew the team and became the first owner of the Blackhawks. By owning hockey team McLaughlin was the commander of the 86th Infantry Division in World War II.

Blackhawks, where in America fired the first American hockey team. In the first year of the NHL hockey championship (1926), in Chicago Blackhawks finished the season with a record of 19-22-3, which placed them in the middle of the standings. In 1927, the Blackhawks first go in the playoffs there, but then losing in the first round Boston Bruins.

From 1927 to 1930, in Chicago Blakchawks it was the worst NHL team and ranked last. Finally, in 1931, Chicago Blekhaks first came to the Stanley Cup finals but lost to Montreal Canadians. In 1938 Blekhovs just got into the playoffs, losing 14-25 season, but some of them turned into the playoffs, then won the Stanley Cup championship. Chicago Blackhawks will be the first NHL team to win the Stanley Cup, despite the worst regular season record.

Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup championship four times, including last season 2008/2009. Team NHL Chicago Blackhawks in 1926, was part of the first line of American NHL teams. "Blackhawks", was known to be rough and tough type of grind their hockey team, and they will become one of the most popular NHL teams.