Chicago: Chicago songs, which today is completely underestimated

With the car & # 39; eray, spanning over 40 years, Chicago & # 39 is one of those bands that you call the “establishment.” With more than 30 million albums sold, perhaps one of the greatest shots (in addition to not get into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame) in the music associated with the discarding of many ballads, created in Chicago. Chicago songs before break Peter setter in 1976, “If you leave me now,” waiting for the hard lines that will swing laughter numbers a & # 39; 25 or 6 to 4 & # 39;.
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And while Chicago continued strong jump off the pace as “collect” and “Together is a woman,” a skillful touch producer David Foster has created a symphonic approach to large numbers as “Hard to say, I’m sorry” and “You’re an inspiration.” Thus, most of the hard CTA (Chicago Transit Authority, a player in the early 70s) were quickly alienated large, wide and well-loved styles (especially with songs that are transferred on the background texture of the horn).
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But to be honest, some of these wonderful pieces, with an incredible arrangement and production maestro David Foster – the best of Chicago. Songs in Chicago may have a style in the style of 1967, but the vocals Peter Setters never sounded bigger and better than the big ballads like “Hard Habit to Break” and the aforementioned “Hard to Say I & # 39; m sorry”.
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Upon leaving Tsetery in the mid-80s, chef Jason took over the helm and an incredible (and underappreciated) songs like “Will you still love me?” and “How would I were a man?” We came to the fore, combining orchestral styles that are so well portrayed by David Foster’s production … and is ideally suited to Chicago (even world-class horn) incredible lineup. Chemplin Bill gave Chicago a large-scale hit with “Look Away” to the 90s and the grunge melody gave great accuracy in the past.
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And while today’s Chicago favorably to the early work of the group during the hey-80s, it is undeniable that songs like “Will You Still Love Me?”, “You’s Inspiration” and “Hard to Say I & # 39; m I & # 39; m “Sorry,” can now become one of the most underrated works made in Chicago in Chicago songs cover a wide range, but the cooperation Foster / Chicago should be among the greatest records ever made..
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