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One of the many disadvantages of Bitcoin is that blockchain is both pseudonymous and transparent, which means you can watch, for example, BTC, but you don’t know who (or what) owns the parts. The pseudo-transparency provided by Bitcoin created industry and art around “chain analysis”, allowing researchers to change the cryptocurrency economy in a way that others could not.

However, recently, BitInfo Charts, the latest blockchain analytics site, said that 11.58 million bitcoins, or more than 50% of cryptocurrencies, valued at more than $ 70 billion, are writing this article. It also means that less than 6.8 million BTCs have changed in the last 12 months.

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This may mean that the cryptocurrency market remains strongly positive, although bitcoin prices have fallen by 50% over the past five months. The fact is, unless you did a chain analysis, you would not come to this conclusion.

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What does this status mean?
Yes, CoinMetrics estimates that less than half of the 4 million “depressing” BTC coins were lost in the air, claiming that keyboards lost keyboards and lost keyboards, died and decided they would not have access to other causes, and so on.


History of Pizza in Chicago-style


Pizza in the “Railway” pizza, which is loved by many people, was invented in Pizzeria Uno in Chicago in 1943, according to the founder Ike Sewell Uno, a former star football star University of Texas. However, in an article in 1956 in the Chicago Daily News asserts that the original pizza chef Rudy Malnatsi Uno has developed a well-known recipe.
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just pizza base. To do this, use a thick layer of dough (made from olive oil and corn flour), which is formed in a deep round pan and pulled around. Crust pizza baked before adding the filling to give it a spring.
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Baking – this cooking technique in which the bread dough or partially baked and then rapidly cooled or frozen. Raw dough is baked as it normally, but stops about 80% of the normal cooking time, when it cools rapidly and frozen. Partial cooking kill yeast bread mixes and establishes the internal structure of proteins and starch (spongy texture of bread), so that it now almost ready within, but not so as to form a “crust.” or other seemingly desirable qualities that are hard to maintain when it is ready.
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Then the coated cheese crust (normally chopped motsarelu) and coated meat and / or vegetables, such as Italian sausage, onions and peppers. Then the sauce is added crushed or pureed tomato. Usually it is topped with a mixture of grated cheese to add extra flavor. The usual pizza added about half a kilo of cheese. Due to the number of ingredients in this style of pizza is usually eaten with a knife and fork. It’s pretty messy eating with your fingers.
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In addition to the Uno, including famous restaurants with deep dishes include a restaurant and a satellite Uno Due, which opened directly into the quarter Sewell in 1955. However, the year before, in 1954, the original pizza Jean located on the street Rush, opened his door, and 12 years later, in 1966, opened the East Jin. Other restaurants with a deep dish – Edward, Horses, Jordan, Carmen, Pisa (belonging to his son Rudy Malnatsi, Rudy, Jr.) and Lou Malnatsi (which took another of his sons Rudi Malnatsi, and is now run by his grandchildren and Chicago has 26 seats) .
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Chicago deep dish pizza is famous around the world. Accordingly, many institutions with pitsarnyya Chicago deep dish pizza delivered to their partially baked in the continental US
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In the mid-1970s, two Chicago Network, Nancy based Rocco useful and Jordan have begun to experiment with pizza deep-dish and stuffed pizza created. He climbed founded his creation on the mother’s recipe for skarbiddy, Italian Easter pie hometown potency. Article from Chicago magazine containing soft pizza Jordan, popularized the dish. Other pizzerias that make soft pizzas include Bakin, Edward and Carmen. Most also do thin crust.
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Stuffed pizza is often even higher than deep dish pizza, but otherwise it’s hard to tell the difference unless you trim it. Stuffed pizza usually has a much higher filling density than any other type of pizza. Like the pizza with deep dishes, thin layer of dough forms a bowl on vysokabakovay pan and filling and cheese are added. Then an additional layer of dough is pressed onto the top and bottom edges of the crust.
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At this stage of the process a thin top dough has a rounded, dome-shaped appearance. Often pizza manufacturers pierce the small hole in the top of the “cover pizza” to the air and steam escapes during cooking. This allows the pizza sauce to penetrate the cake. Pizza sauce is added to the top layer of cake, and then baked pizza.

Railway pizza in Chicago is similar to the traditional pizza with a deep dish, which is served in other parts of the country, and is baked at such a deep-sided frying pan, but it is quite thick crust – the intersection between the buttery crust and crust. . Toppings and cheese often fall on top of the pizza, not a sauce, as is the case with traditional pizza deep-dish and stuffed pizza. Location of cheese and toppings on top of making pizza is sort of like a pan pizza with a thin crust of thicker and more crust.

In addition to the deep dish pizza in Chicago, there’s also a thin-crust pizza that is unique to Chicago, which is sometimes called a “flat pizza.” The crust is thin and hard, usually with a crunchy texture, unlike pizza in New York, but thick enough to be soft and tsestavatay top.

Cinnamon is topped with a liberal amount of tomato sauce in the Italian style. This type of sauce is typically dressed with herbs or very sharp. Usually the crust is not visible pieces of tomatoes. Adding a layer of filling and finally a layer of mozzarella cheese.

Pizza in Chicago-style has a rich and famous legacy and fans from around the world. If you are a lover of pizza, and you’ve never tried this type of pizza, be sure to try it, I am quite sure that you will enjoy!



Chicago: Chicago songs, which today is completely underestimated


With the car & # 39; eray, spanning over 40 years, Chicago & # 39 is one of those bands that you call the “establishment.” With more than 30 million albums sold, perhaps one of the greatest shots (in addition to not get into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame) in the music associated with the discarding of many ballads, created in Chicago. Chicago songs before break Peter setter in 1976, “If you leave me now,” waiting for the hard lines that will swing laughter numbers a & # 39; 25 or 6 to 4 & # 39;.
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And while Chicago continued strong jump off the pace as “collect” and “Together is a woman,” a skillful touch producer David Foster has created a symphonic approach to large numbers as “Hard to say, I’m sorry” and “You’re an inspiration.” Thus, most of the hard CTA (Chicago Transit Authority, a player in the early 70s) were quickly alienated large, wide and well-loved styles (especially with songs that are transferred on the background texture of the horn).
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But to be honest, some of these wonderful pieces, with an incredible arrangement and production maestro David Foster – the best of Chicago. Songs in Chicago may have a style in the style of 1967, but the vocals Peter Setters never sounded bigger and better than the big ballads like “Hard Habit to Break” and the aforementioned “Hard to Say I & # 39; m sorry”.
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Upon leaving Tsetery in the mid-80s, chef Jason took over the helm and an incredible (and underappreciated) songs like “Will you still love me?” and “How would I were a man?” We came to the fore, combining orchestral styles that are so well portrayed by David Foster’s production … and is ideally suited to Chicago (even world-class horn) incredible lineup. Chemplin Bill gave Chicago a large-scale hit with “Look Away” to the 90s and the grunge melody gave great accuracy in the past.
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And while today’s Chicago favorably to the early work of the group during the hey-80s, it is undeniable that songs like “Will You Still Love Me?”, “You’s Inspiration” and “Hard to Say I & # 39; m I & # 39; m “Sorry,” can now become one of the most underrated works made in Chicago in Chicago songs cover a wide range, but the cooperation Foster / Chicago should be among the greatest records ever made..
The definition of a cryptocurrency is a digital currency built with cryptographic protocols that make transactions secure and difficult to fake. The most important characteristic of a cryptocurrency is that it is not controlled by any central authority: the decentralized nature of blockchain makes cryptocurrency theoretically immune to the old ways of government control and intervention. Cryptocur euros make any transaction easier because transfers are simplified through the use of public and private keys for security and privacy purposes. These transfers can be made with minimal processing fees, allowing users to avoid the steep fees charged by traditional financial institutions.
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However, the latest currency-related news shows that because Cryptocurrency coins do not have a central repository, a digital cryptocurrency balance can be wiped out by a computer crash, a hack and other unexpected events.



International flights from Delhi to Chicago


Chicago – the largest city in Illinois, United States. There are many airlines that operate their airline from Delhi to Chicago. The city has the second busiest airport in the world, which is called the Hare International Airport. Chicago serve mainly the three international airports, such as Midway International Airport, State of the Hare, and the third – the international Chicago / Harry Airport. All these airports are within easy driving to Chicago from Delhi or any other part of the world in Chicago.
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Almost all the major airlines fly from Delhi to Chicago, but only Air India, Jet Airways and a major US airline with direct flight. Get direct flights to need about 15 to 17 hours. If you want to relax, book a flight with one or two stops. This will help you to relax, as it really pulsates to sit in the air for a long time.
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People prefer airlines with a stop, which helps them to be easy to use and does not work. Air India, Swiss Airways, United Airlines, a major European airline, Etihad, Continental Airlines, Lufthansa, Delta Airlines, etc. Flights are with one or two stops to make the trip enjoyable.
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You can book your flights at any time, but give preference to plan a trip in advance. This will help you learn all the details of the various airlines, and you can choose the optimum according to your requirement. Prices for tickets start from Rs. 30,000 and depends to 170,000, depending on the flight to flight. There are 190 flights connecting Delhi to Chicago, stimulating people to visit both cities.
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Regardless of whether you are on vacation or on a business trip, it is for sure that you never get tired of so many things that can be done in Chicago. If you want to visit the city, then take a look around the city guide and enjoy visiting historical sites. Kids Millennium Park, Bakingemski fountain – a place that may disturb them. In addition, you can see the Navy Pier Ferris Wheel, Museum Campus, Chicago Opera Theater, the Museum of Modern Art, etc.
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If you are going to go to Chicago, then plan your vacation at least 15 days before your trip to get the best deal. Give preference to travel with the airline, which is a full service, because the journey is too long and needs better services. So what are you waiting for now? Grab a ticket to Chicago and enjoy the journey.



Chicago got a starter, but instead improve


Young, seemingly turned to their greatest concern in the trade term by acquiring a starting pitcher Jose Quintana from the rival White Sox urban transport. The left-hander immediately affected defenders Champions World Series, when he dominated in their first starts and Chicago surpassed pivovarav in Milwaukee to get first place.
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In all likelihood, the Cubs will stay on top of the National League Central. However, entry into the postseason can be more problematic, as the CEO of Chicago Theo Epstein disdain to address the question of what could be the Achilles’ heel.
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Nearest Wade Davis, which was bought last winter in the Kansas City Royals in the trade for a young con artist Jorge Soler, was still an asset of the fuel buildings. The three-time All-Star has transformed all of their 23 opportunities to save money, despite the fact that his earned run of 2.37 in at least a half run higher than in any season since 2013.
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As if some escalation ERA does not cause concern, Chicago should be alerted even more bizarre statistics. It is not the number of innings that he registered, and the amount of work that he had, experiencing them.
Miller worked 38 innings, leaving a total of 699 pitches. This amounts to an average of 18 points for the other two on average 16 MLB.
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In the 39 games in which he played, he maintained a number of tango to 25. Throughout the car & # 39; EASURES opponents just beat. 214, when Miller stayed at 25 sites.
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However, on average vatyng jumps nearly twenty points if it exceeds this total. In addition, it strikethrough feed rates reduced after he threw 25 points.
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Common sense would indicate that any pitcher will be more effective with fewer common tanks, so its ineffectiveness when he moved in 25 years, is not surprising. However, a resin should amount to more smeary, but in the case of Davis all the way around.
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At least 39 feeds tanks 25, 47 has Davis smeary. In the remaining six games when he drove more than 25 pitches, he has only six strikes.
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Given the overall high step, it is not surprising that since the beginning of the season Davis has gradually become less effective. In fact, throughout the car & # 39; EASURES Davis has limited opponents an average of .114, but in July, this rate is exactly 100 points to 2121.

His above average step – is the main factor, because it is very likely to fatigue. The same trend is visible in 2017. The problem, which was supposed to push the Epstein to compete with national citizens in an effort to consistently release.

It is obvious that even if stamitym Davis before closing games, Cuba has a stronger bullpen than their potential adversary playoffs in Washington. Unfortunately for Chicago, the same can not be said when it comes to the likely division division in the West NL.

In Los Angeles near Kenley Jansen posted 46 innings, the game is worth more than Davis. Nevertheless, Jansen threw only 634 points, an average of 13 points per inzhyning or three below the average MLB.

Because of its effectiveness at an altitude of Jansen throughout his car & # 39; EASURES Unlike Davis, in recent months has increased the season, than in April. Opponents hit .209 against him in the first month, on average, which is reduced each month throughout the season. Forwards simply lying. 152 against Jansen in September and October.

Both teams are likely to meet in October, when one is closer sharper than he has all year. Those in Chicago, however, is likely to get tired.


Calendar is a scandal and the scandal Blacks Sox 1919


Chicago "Black Sox scandal" in 1919 shook the baseball to the core, and almost spoiled the game. Athlete Ring Lardner was the basis of the history and regularly informed about the next court and ban the participation of eight players. Case Lardner shook faith in the game of baseball and deprived of one of the great early writers.

Turning to Eliot Asinofa with a baseball classic with 8 men, directed by John Lardner Saylz again put baseball and literary attention during Hollywood film in 1988 "eight men". The film includes some talents with big names including John Kyusak and John Mahoney (numerous films, and then the glory of Fraser). Sayls, the actor who played Lardner, who quickly discovered that behind the scenes of the Chicago White Sox. High praise of strong media and critics, such as the New York Times, Janet olives ( "the story of a boy's enthusiasm has gone bad in all too adult world. Eight Men Out is a home station") has given this film right leg and is now considered a classic among fans baseball film.

Ring started car & # 39; a career in sports writing in South Bend, writing for "Sound Band stands," and "Sunday Times Band". He moved to Chicago, and wrote for the Chicago Inter-Ocean, the examiners of Chicago and, finally, in Chicago. Padskokvavshy few years, including taking free time to work on a fictional book, "You know me Al" Larnder returned to Chicago and continued to write in the "Tribune."

This leads us to the scandal. The official story is: a lot of players in the Chicago organization White White Sox were upset payment tactics and negotiation Sox owner Charles Comiskey. If Joseph Sullivan turned to the first White Sox general Arnold Gandhi on behalf of the New York mafiora Arnold Rothstein, the timing was right. Gandhi was able to collect an additional seven players (thus reaching up to eight) to throw a game against Chynchynatav Reds in the World Series in 1919. For this the players were promised total of 100 000 dollars.

Ring Lardner wrote works for the "Tribune" after a series of hinting and reported rumors that were floating by the time the major, the players may have been "armed". He continued his story and in the end, Major League Baseball began studying these statements. Once owners have appointed a new judge authorized Kenezau Mavrina Landis, the case is considered in court. After the trial, which was illuminated by the news and is likely to affect public opinion, the players were acquitted. However, Judge Landis saw things differently when he banned all eight players who were involved in the scandal.

After the scandal in 1919 Black Sox broke out, Lardner continued to cover baseball, I have not yet emerged from the rostrum. According to the biography, when Ring in sports, it starts subtly questioning the events and the results of games. Ring Lardner moved at age 48 due to complications from tuberculosis in 1933.


Nissan Armada 2008 Review – first shown at the Chicago Auto Show


"The year 2008 model year is already in tremendous year for Nissan with the previously announced Altima Coupe and completely new SUV Rogue And now new Titan, Pathfinder and Armada?", – said Larry Dominique, vice president of product planning, Nissan North America, Inc. "The participants of the automobile salon in Chicago will be five excellent reasons to visit the Nissan display."

2008 Nissan Armada:

While in 2010, expect serious & # 39; major changes, the model Nissan-Armada 2008 & # 39; is the largest SUV Nissan.

Mechanical characteristics:

This vehicle is equipped with a 5.6-liter engine 32 klapavym V8 and LEV emissions system. Flexible fuel compatibility is not of & # 39 is optional and only available in the North Central, South Central, Southeast and Mid-Atlantic. It has two variants SE and LE, and each has two options for the drive – drive the rear engine rear wheel drive (2WD model) and front-engine models of 4WD mode. It is equipped with four-wheel braking system (ABS) and electronic brake force (EBS). For more information, visit (http://www.nissanhelp.com/Models/2008/Armada/Specifications.htm)

Tires and wheels: Complete spare tire for this standardized. SE models come with 6-spoke aluminum disks 18 "8" tires and P265 / 70R18, while LE models come with 6-spoke aluminum wheels 20 "8" tires and P275 / 60R20.


(1) Menses packets roof (M) which include a sliding glass door with a strong opening / closing inclination and one-touch for all models and power under & # 39; lift SE and LE models. It costs US $ 1,000.

(2) the towing package (TW): This packet includes battery with a large impact, low coefficient of transmission (3357: 1), two receiver clutch syamikontaktny harness and pre-wiring of the trailer brakes for all models and auto-leveling rear suspension for SE models . This package may allow the vehicle to tow up to 4100 pounds (4 * 4) or 9000 pounds (4 * 2). This option is available for both types of Armada models.

(3) LE preferred packages (PR): This package is intended only for LE models. This includes light puddles off power auto-dimming outside mirrors with turn signals, high-profile high-profile Blue System Blue tooth turning off the power rear window, heated front seats, memory driver's seat, mirrors and pedals.

(4) driver package SE (D): This exclusive package for SE models. It includes lights against fog front sonorants system, rearview mirror, universal receiver power aircraft, automatic dimming rearview mirrors, a digital compass and display the outdoor temperature, the audio digital Bose, dual media playback, with the wireless earphone and two headphone jack, a radio data system (RDS), 12 speakers, the XM satellite radio,

In addition, there are many packages that are available for both models Nissan Armada. Some packages are standard for all models. In this case, it's worth the extra money, but if you add the cost of the option increases the cost of the package.


Fuel tank capacity is 28 gallons. According to the EPA, the average mileage, provided that the vehicle is in cities and 12mpg on highways from 17 to 18 mpg. Seat occupancy is 8 people, and with the right equipment capacity is a maximum of 9100 pounds.


Prices for the new Nissan Armada in 2008, which is available in eight models start at $ 35,250 for the Armada 4×2 SE and $ 41,750 for the Armada 4×2 LE. Editions of the same models of FFV (Flexible Fuel Vehicle) are available in selected markets at no additional cost. Four-wheel drive Armadas begin at $ 38.050 for the Armada 4×4 SE and $ 44.550 for the Armada 4×4 LE. As with the 2WD models, Flexible Fuel version of the car is available at no additional cost in selected markets.


Key enhancements to Armada for 2008 include a new front fascia, new headlights and fog lights, new design tile from the whole roof, revised rear fascia and an available 20-inch wheels and Michelin tire package (only LE).

Inside the 2008 Armada offers with complex power of the 60/40 third row (only LE), new interior colors and fabrics, new switch to the gate, the new emphasis on the wood (only LE), available heated steering wheel (only LE), a compartment gloves and a revised steering wheel and combination meter illumination. Armada LE 2007 had 7 seats, while the Armada LE 2008 has 8 seats.

Armada improvement technologies include Intelligent Key with rotation (standard LE, optional SE), enhanced Bose sound system with 9.3-gigabyte Music Box drive and speakers third row and amplifier (standard LE, optional SE), hands-free communication system bluetooth (optional in the LE), improved available Nissan navigation system with XM NavTraffic system with information about the real-time movement (requires XM contract), a standard integrated 7.0-inch color information monitor and a larger 8.0-inch screen for the optional DVD entertainment package. Source: Who offers the following package types:


Nissan – Lost keys


Although every time you lose your car keys, zachynyaytsesya or somewhere to throw it out or even properly rearrange the whole experience can be very unpleasant and nervavalnym. However, it can bring you relief when you know that in Chicago and around the city of Chicago and the surrounding area has Chicago emergency services, providing 24×7 service, to help you out of such situations.

Expert Advice locksmith, so you can not try to unlock the car, Nissan lost if the key is not found. In addition to non-professional knowledge of vehicle safety and wired systems, you can hurt a lot more than just get the car keys. Thus, it is better to call a professional locksmith service in Chicago, and they not only help you replace lost keys Nissan, but also cut the spare key. After you call a locksmith in Chicago to create a replacement key, as soon as they get into the car and check the lock, in order to understand the best way to replace lost keys Nissan. Not all locksmiths in Chicago have a high-precision equipment for precision cutting and experience, so it's good to call to your Nissan lost keys.

Most Nissan vehicles manufactured after 1995, were presented to the high-security chips transpandernymi to deactivate the vehicle from starting or immobilizer system comes for the complete process of ignition and start-up. Thus, if your vehicle was made after 1995, it is available in Chicago slyasar able to reprogram a new key chip or reprogram the entire lock system using specially designed equipment to program the diagnostic keys. But if Nissan car has a date of manufacture after 1999, there is an additional security code for the key that will require programming. Reliable Slusar can get access to it, even if you have no records.

Chicago locksmiths are creating replacement experience for all Nissan lost keys, using special equipment to encode transpandera keys, and, if necessary, you can even get a copy of the remote control. You can carefully use a locksmith service in Chicago, if you fathoms, but known locksmiths are insured and legally registered in the state. They also have practical training and experience to enter into a locked car.

Nissan vehicles have sophisticated security systems and sophisticated innovations, and if you try to break into your own car, you can easily damage the wiring, vacuum lines, drums bags, while the power lock system may also be damaged, and you can end up pay the dealer service is more than just a replacement for the key. Less than a quarter of the cost of avtaslyusary in Chicago can do the same thing – the remote programming of laser cutting of keys, programming new transponder code key, lock key or the original Nissan Nissan or replacement of lost keys.

However, if you plan to send a Nissan car dealer, this entails high costs, such as towing a car in the showroom and the payment of approximately 4 times more for something to replace the same key as compared to a telephone call van locksmith in Chicago before your site . and a few hours to replace lost keys have been replaced by Nissan.

Chicago Slusar offers a wide range of services on the roads and in their offices, ranging from replicas with low cost remote controls and keys to the programming keys transpanderav, coding chip keys, while all the car models and design keys are cut according to the pattern lock and code. They – experts in legal discovery deadlock with a high level of security, as well as in the repair of the broken high-security locks. Thus, the next time your Nissan destroy keys, do not forget to call in an excellent and reliable Chicago locksmith.


That's right for your business industrial space Chicago?


Premise Chicago is available for purchase and rent, if your business is looking for a home in the region. If you take the time to look around, you can find a commercial property, easily accessible and in an excellent section of this exciting city of Illinois. In Chicago, a lot of places for examination and & # 39 is the cultural center of the state, so you might think that renting office space will be too much.

Although the rent may be more expensive than in rural Illinois, the benefits of accommodation in can compensate for the difference in price. Easy access to the office in a business can bring, you would not see in the countryside.

If you are looking for a permanent home for your business, you can purchase a property that can be used for office space in Chicago. Due to the current economic situation in the good places to eat a lot of transactions. Perhaps you can even find a great property at a low price, which is suitable for office space in Chicago. Then you can use what you need and make a profit by renting surplus.

Whatever your needs, the city has available opportunities for growth and business prosperity. Regardless of whether you need a single or executive suite, it will bring you many different options. One option – to hire a Chicago office space in one of Chicago's new business centers. Business centers can be a great option for self-employed contractors or those who need office services without the expense of full-time staff.


Wind reliable employment opportunities in Chicago


When it comes to things to do in Chicago, there are a large number of companies and job seekers, which rotate in the mixture. In this big city company trying to find the right employees, and employees are looking for the right job. While the Internet and the newspaper – a good source of employment in Chicago, it can sometimes bring a little extra help to each side of the equation receives the correct form. Those who help others with employment opportunities, for example, car & # 39; EPA, can help job seekers match their skills to work properly. In turn, you can find a job in the right company.

Search viability in Chicago depends on many factors. Those looking for a simple job, are more likely to find something close fairly quickly. However, the search for a more specialized post may require some extra effort. Those who effectively uses the resources available to them, may find that their search for less grueling. Particularly beneficial may be communicating with other searchers work, visiting fairs and the use of & # ct 39 services; ernaga center. Another tip for those who are looking for work – start using these services at the beginning of your job search, rather than wait until things start to look bleak.

Web sites directly to the surrounding area or for a particular company – a great way to find a job in Chicago. Individuals may fill out an application online or submit resumes, without leaving the comfort of home. On these Web sites, you can post available positions, allowing to apply individually, or they can simply specify an email address for recovery resumes. When using the online option, you must be sure to carefully read all the instructions. Different companies have their own guidelines for resumes and submitting applications. Feeding too much information or insufficient amount of information that may be looking for work immediately disqualified, which destroys any chance to get an interview with & # 39; S.

Job fairs can be another good source of job opportunities in Chicago. Although it is possible to enter and submit your resume to a number of companies, it may be possible to apply to a specific company preferences. Most companies and businesses offer interviews on the spot; so it's important to dress for an occasion. Job fairs can consist of many different companies in virtually every industry, or they may be dedicated to a specific industry, such as aircraft or the health sector. To find information about these job fairs, you can go to local or even national sites Employment [http://employment2u.com/employment]. Date, time, and companies that are present, often indicated with the days on which will be presented to the company.


The early history of the Chicago Blackhawks!


Chicago Blackhawks were founded in 1926, along with six American teams. The first six US hockey teams – "Boston Bruyns", "Montreal Canadians", "Maple Leafs Toronto", "New York Rangers" and "Detroit" – they will later be referred to the original six. In 1926, Frederic McLaughlin drew the team and became the first owner of the Blackhawks. By owning hockey team McLaughlin was the commander of the 86th Infantry Division in World War II.

Blackhawks, where in America fired the first American hockey team. In the first year of the NHL hockey championship (1926), in Chicago Blackhawks finished the season with a record of 19-22-3, which placed them in the middle of the standings. In 1927, the Blackhawks first go in the playoffs there, but then losing in the first round Boston Bruins.

From 1927 to 1930, in Chicago Blakchawks it was the worst NHL team and ranked last. Finally, in 1931, Chicago Blekhaks first came to the Stanley Cup finals but lost to Montreal Canadians. In 1938 Blekhovs just got into the playoffs, losing 14-25 season, but some of them turned into the playoffs, then won the Stanley Cup championship. Chicago Blackhawks will be the first NHL team to win the Stanley Cup, despite the worst regular season record.

Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup championship four times, including last season 2008/2009. Team NHL Chicago Blackhawks in 1926, was part of the first line of American NHL teams. "Blackhawks", was known to be rough and tough type of grind their hockey team, and they will become one of the most popular NHL teams.


Real estate market trends in Chicago in 2012


Real estate business in Chicago has always been known rise and fall, as has been observed in the past few years. Every year there is a unique market trend that characterizes it. In business, there are some questions. Several factors also determine the market trend for each year.

In 2012 the current trend of the real estate market in Chicago have been on the decline. According to contemporary reports Trulia, the whole trend of the market in 2012 around Chicago reduced. The average of the & # 39; sales for homes in Chicago there is a decrease from 12 January to 12 March 2012. The cost is $ 160 750. This shows a decrease of 13.1% compared with a decline of 10% marked in 2011.

Trulia The report also states that sales prices on the market also declined from the last 5 years so far in 2012. In fact, the average price on a letter in April 2012, there were several rises. for houses for sale, as totaled $ 388.423 on April 25, 2012. This indicates a slight increase of $ 2,854 or 0.7% compared with a preview of the week.

Again, in Chicago also reduced the price per square foot. The average price per square foot for April 2012 is $ 124. This shows a decline of 12.1% in comparison with what could be obtained in April 2011.

The trend in the real estate market in Chicago in 2012, also shows the concentration of sales in certain quarters. The most popular neighborhoods that attract real estate sales include Lincoln Park, North Side, Wicker Park, Chicago Loop, Baktaun and DePaul. The housing market is pretty hot in these areas. Investors are busy buying and sales in the mentioned areas.

Meanwhile, there are the latest trends and news of the Chicago marketplace. For example, the US Treasury Department reports that 35% of home sales in Chicago is a risk, compared to 34% across the country. In this May issue of the "Chicago Tribune" also reported that the current home sale market sales in Chicago gentle. This is a result of a large number of long-time buybacks, vacant homes and low mortgage.

In any case, 2012 is still going. We're not in the middle of the year. Although current market trends in Chicago seems to decrease, experts still hope that conditions will change. The housing market is usually unstable with financial uncertainties. The pendulum may swing in either direction, depending on the situation. The real estate market in Chicago, there is hope for a greater number of investors. As expected, housing prices and the other on the & # 39; real estate will rise. The future is still a lot for the real estate market in Chicago.


Car Hire in Chicago – travel alternatives are always there for you


If you discover such a beautiful place as the windy city of Chicago, walking – this is not always the best way. You always have the opportunity to take advantage of car rental in Chicago, because in this place there are many attractions that you can see. Travel by car may be better to maximize your time, feel comfortable and be able to see as many attractions in the city.

Chicago – one of the largest and busiest cities in the Midwest, and admiration for what is in the city, manifested in the rental car. You can organize an array of car rental in Chicago online and drive a car that you chose at the airport when you land in Chicago.

Choosing to make of car rental in Chicago

There are many choices to make when it comes to car rental in Chicago, regardless of whether you are looking for a small car to drive through the city, or a large vehicle, so you can bring a few & # 39; S. If you want to go around the city at night with your friends, you can even take a limousine. With these features in the presence of their own choice and preferences need to agree with any of the leading car rental providers in Chicago and indicate your performance for the driver's age, time, date and location for pickup.

car selection

Rental cars can be seen at several collection points in the city, although the airport is usually a & # 39 is the place where most travelers is appointed. Here are addresses of these airports:

5700 S Avenue Cicero
Chicago, 606380000

10000 Bessie Coleman Drive
Chicago, 60666

6001 W. Industrial path
Chicago, 46406

North American aircraft, Chicago

Below are other places where you can car hire in Chicago:

181 Washington Boulevard
Chicago, 60602-2305

401 North State Street
Chicago, 60610-4607

7218 S Western Avenue
Chicago, 60636

S 2300 Martin Luther King Drive
Chicago, 60605-2111

1025 North Clark Street
Chicago, 60610-2809

3151 N Halsted Street
Chicago, 60657

210 C. Channel, str
Chicago, 60606

N 5534 West Avenue
Chicago, 60625

AS 9240 Island Rocky
Chicago, 60617

4621 West Belmont Avenue
Chicago, 60641

401 North State Street

210 South Canal Street

Once you've drawn up is needed vehicle of any of the companies involved in car rental in Chicago, you can immediately begin studying the windy city of Chicago on arrival.